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5 Places to visit in Tulum

Tucked away on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Tulum is a piece of a dream. You are spiritual yogi, honeymooners, history buffs, or art aficionados, Tulum will serve you the best of all possible ways, be it a private resort with pristine beaches, architectural wonders, and street arts to culinary delight, you got covered by Mexico's hottest boho-chic town Tulum. This boho-chic Mexican city Tulum was once a sleepy town but with the influx of social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and then investors now Tulum is Mexico's hottest destination. Food is prepared to perfection, the music flows to the greatest DJ's tune, and boutiques are full with one of a kind finds, sparkling white sand, beautiful blue water, and cascading jungles adorned this beautiful land. Here are my top picks: 

  1. Tulum Ruins: A few miles from the Tulum town tucked away in natural beauty this site is different in that the ruins are situated on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. located at the very end of Tulum’s northern beach, Playa Paraiso Azulic. The breathtaking view of the ocean and on the contrary rustic and earthen character of the ruins makes it spectacular. It features some of the best-preserved ruins in Mexico which was destroyed 20 century ago. It is a rustic place of towering pyramids, stunning temples, and columns. A few facts 1. Be ready to walk and wear comfortable shoes 2. Visit as early as possible to avoid the crowd and the hot sun. 3. Always wear a hat to avoid sun damage. 4. Carry water bottles as it's hot and humid once you go inside there are no shops to buy water bottles. 5. Mask is required here. 6. Try to avoid Sundays as the entrance is free for Mexican residents on Sundays, so it can get extremely crowded.

  2. Sfer Ik: In your Tulum trip visiting Sfer ik Museum inside the Azulik Resort and Hotel adds one of a kind experience totally different from what Tulum offers. An alluring architectural displays biophilic design created by Eduardo Neira or Roth. Upon entering, you must take your shoes off and leave them at the door and no professional cameras are permitted, only phone cameras are accepted. This whimsical place was created with sheer imagination without any sketch or blueprint. Harmony with nature and modern human vision is only used and is made with locally sourced materials and craftsmanship. Mileage of spirituality and sheer relaxation Sfer IK is a charming retreat to visit. 

  3. Grand Cenote: The prettiest and the most popular cenote in Tulum. It’s easily accessible by taxi. About a 5-minute ride from town. You can make it an all-day activity whether you want to do snorkeling or swimming in gorgeous crystal clear water. You can totally score some cool Insta-worthy pictures. It opens around 8.15am and you can avoid a considerable crowd visiting closer to opening time.

  4. Laguna de Kaan Luum: Rarely crowded, I feel laguna is one of the hidden gems in the southwest of Tulum. Relax on the hammock, go snorkeling or swimming, or jump from the wood board. Clean crystal clear blue water to rejuvenate or take some great pictures. This place cost 300 pesos per person.

  5. Ven a la Luz sculpture: When consciousness and creativity come together. Popular artist Daniel's 33-foot-tall sculpture Ven a La Luz in Tulum is made out of rope steel and greenery. Unfolded to the public in the 2018 festival called "Art with Me" to raise awareness of the Tulum. 


  1. Tulum looks like such a beautiful place especially Grand Cenote!

  2. This looks gorgeous. Love finding hidden gems like these


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