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Voyage to Venice ...ultimate things to do and see

  Venice ...Utterly unique and truly otherworldly, filled with astonishing architecture and history, it has 446 bridges, a labyrinth of canals, and sumptuous churches with bustling cafes are every traveler's dream destination. Founded in 421 AD, this enchanting city is unique in every possible way, from architecture and atmosphere to culture or geography to transportation. It is tied up with 100 lagoons in the Adriatic Sea, once a central hub of merchant, art, and culture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period.  With the influx of heavy tourists and the widespread of social media, wanderlust in you wonder if you can really feel or experience this place's true charm. Venice, a city where every corner is shared through photos and videos, might make you wonder if there's anything left to discover. But the truth is, visiting and witnessing a place like Venice with your own eyes is a truly unmatched experience.  Best things to do:   1. Piazza San Marco -   Napoleon called it