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Simple ways to make a house home

Are you one of those super-productive people the second that spring hits? It’s as if the minute you hear the birds singing and feel the days getting warmer, you immediately create your to-do list for spring. Declutter, deep clean, wash the curtains, and more. Trust me - I know so many of these people and I’m one of them!

However, this spring, so many of us are in the middle of a huge transition: moving! Seriously - I’ve never seen so many people moving at one time. For those of you who are moving, instead of tackling your spring cleaning checklist, you are packing up boxes and signing copious amounts of paperwork for our loan and house contract, right?!

Well, the transition will be so worth it when you get into your new home…and the process of making a house a home is one of my ultimate favorite things to do! If you are not sure where to start, here are my favorite steps to follow:

Deep clean before moving in and open up your windows

The first thing you will want to do when making a house a home? Deep clean that place! Even if the previous owners/renters were insanely clean and organized, you will want to make sure it is fresh, clean, and tidy for you. Plus, deep cleaning a home will help you learn about its nooks and crannies. It will help you learn about your new home and make it feel more like ‘yours.’ As you clean, make sure you open up your windows to get some fresh air inside your home. This will help the air quality, and it will also help when it comes to airing out any previous smells that are not your favorite. If you do this when you first get your home, you will be so thankful that you did!

Figure out what each room will be before moving in

Before moving in all of your things, figure out what each room will be. This way, you do not have to move things around 2-3x. For example, if you don’t know what beds go in which rooms, give it time and walk through your home as much as you need to, before deciding. Then, you will be able to move everything once, and worst case, you will just need to slide furniture around to get it into a better layout. 

Tell your movers where to place boxes and items

On moving day, don’t be afraid to tell your movers where to place boxes and items! Like we already talked about, you don’t want to have to move things around more than once or twice, especially if you are hiring movers, so make sure you go over your house layout and your things with your moving team before the actual move starts. This requires movers that will show you great customer service. Don’t settle for less! Fresh Start - The Moving Crew has amazing reviews and they are skilled in residential moves, packing, commercial moves, and so much more like long distance moving Worcester MA, for instance. The great thing about Fresh Start - The Moving Crew? Their reviews. They are insanely good! It shows that they truly do go above and beyond for their clients, so when you are moving, they will make the process easy peasy.

Wash everything before putting it away

After your furniture is tucked away in a great spot for you, work on washing all of your clothes and linens. I know that this takes a ton of work and time, but you more than likely stuffed your clothes and linens into boxes and trucks and maybe even storage. It is time to get them fresh again, and ready for your use!

Add splashes of new decor

With a new home, comes new decor! You definitely don’t need to spend a ton of money on this, but I do recommend finding a few new pieces to make your home homier and inviting. This will make you feel so good about your new home!! 

Take inventory

You might have moved into a larger place and if so, take inventory and see what items you need, for your new home. If you need a new couch, add it to the list. If you got a bigger yard, you might need a new mower. If you moved farther away from the city, you might need a whole home generator…just in case. If you moved closer to the city, you might want a bike to commute to work! Each house and each person has unique needs: figure out what YOU need and want!

Update things slowly

Last but not least, you don’t have to do everything at once. Take it slowly and enjoy the process! This home will take time to become “perfect” and after all, home is where the people you love are, right? So, just relax and enjoy this process!


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