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Bermuda: A day food guide

Tranquil beaches, beautiful scenic views, the pristine roads Bermuda is a paradise in a real sense. Someone like me who has a great fascination with food Bermuda is a foodies paradise too. An array of food, if you are vacationing in Bermuda, do sure visit and eat well in Bermuda. Since our last visit in Bermuda, we visited with kids, we could not hop from one to another place, still relished a few restaurants where we stayed. As I mentioned, we visited with children our food was little kid-centric. My picks 3 top favorites Breakfast: WINDOWS ON THE SOUND...Probably the name was good enough to hitch me entirely and then the food ah so extensive and exclusive. Their Sunday brunch is enormous and very popular...where starts neverending treats of sweets. Bermudian freshly made jam to be a precise, array of jams, denies, and little exclusive Bermudian food corner. Customize your omelet with the plethora of vegetable choices. And added to it all fresh island fruits. What more can you a

ION, Middletown, CT review

      ION is so centrally located on Main Street in Middle town that you just can’t miss it. A quirky d├ęcor with offbeat oriental style and real plants inside graciously greeted entering into ion give me feel good moment. Dimly lit pink salt Himalayan pink salt lamp adds up even more to it. We were sited in a cozy corner, already won my heart with great service even before eating.        It was Friday and a cold February freezing winter day. We ordered southern fried tofu perfectly paired with lemon aioli. I already heard the buzz about it from quite a few and I tell you, it was sinfully signature. Kids wanted buffalo cauliflower which comes with cashew ranch dressing. It was crispy outside melt it mouth decadent. Probably give you more energy to beat the cold outside, paired with delicious creamy cashew dips.       After little guilt trip of having fried food, I quickly move over to opt for something healthy. We opted for Seared marinated tofu with pineapple

Indian fusion Holi inspired outfit

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New York Botanical Garden.-.Perfect family trip with kids this spring or summer

        Entering into the month of March, I started harboring a hope of spring. Spring is all about wonderful weather and flower power.  Staying in New England , I always look forward to spring after a freezing winter and a few months of hibernation. I look forward going out for outdoor fun with my two kids. New York , the city has always offered best of everything. A few minutes away from New York City , Bronx botanical garden is a great day trip with kids, a beautiful nature escape from the daily urban grind.                   The 250-acre land and 50 different garden and plant collection is a little paradise on earth where children can learn about plant science and ecology etc. A beautiful hike around the park itself is a great idea to experience the colorful flower blooms, daffodils, to tulips. cherry blossom  and all different kinds of plant, natural water streams. Identify many different trees and flowers, explore wetland. If you have young kids like mine, they have

Truffle, Farmington, CT Review

Some weekends I just want to relax and be lazy. In fact, the term relaxation carries till the food I order, where I don’t want to give myself trouble on going through a long menu. There are no such restaurants nearby. Then my hometown restaurant, Truffles came to the rescue. I had the pleasure to enjoy Truffle. Casual, cute restaurant Truffle with options of vegetarian and glutton free food. Most sandwiches are less than 10 dollars except Lobster Panini. Good for quick, casual lunch bite. We ordered Hummus Wrap ( Baby greens, cucumbers, tomato, feta and house-made hummus on spinach wrap) and Focaccia Mozzarella (( Fresh Mozzarella, tomato, green leaf lettuce and basil pesto on grilled herbed focaccia bread.). Both came with pasta on the side and a piece of cake, which was a fun factor for the kids. The food was nothing fancy yet tastes fresh and palatable, makes you choose truffle over any chain restaurant. They have a huge bakery section with cakes to cookies. Truffle has a