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Gillette castle State Park....A Connecticut lovely retreat

I had been to Gillette castle many times and twice inside, but don't know why it took me a while to blog about this unique castle and the state park. Just 30 minutes from Connecticut's capital Hartford, it sits right above a cliff overlooking the Connecticut River. This amazing stone castle's outdoors is as mesmerizing as its indoors. It has so many characters whether intricately carved wooden doors, bars, walls, or as detailed as wooden switchboards. While visiting this castle you admire this incredible man called William Gillette, his vision, and the creative ideas which were incorporated to build this castle. It took us back to 1912, William Gillette an accomplished actor who portrayed Sherlock Holmes, was born in Hartford in 1853 and discovered this location in a boat trip in the Connecticut River in 1912. Since he didn't own a permanent home, he decided to build one here. It was completed in 1919 and cost about 1 million us dollars. With a 184-acre property, this