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Tamarind Tribeca NYC review

      Every time I visit NYC my expectation gets higher and higher whether people watching, exploring a new restaurant or new entertainment , the city amazed me with a new zeal and zest. Not a new restaurant in the city but for me exploring Tamarind Tribeca, NYC was a new experience. A fine Indian Dining, located in the most bustling location in the city with an understated yet elegant interior makes one of the best choices in the city when it comes to Indian fine dining.       We opted for early dinner and entered around 5.30 pm and we were gladly greeted that made us instantly comfortable. As you might guess "Tamarind" has a huge influence in Indian culinary the tangy, sweet and flavorsome, we obviously expected the same character in the dishes too. A great part of Tamarind is when it comes to cocktail menu you can choose anything you like and if you are sober they can omit the alcohol, this gives you more option to explore all the cocktails without compromisi

Bihu Outfit of the day vibrant mekhela chadar

You know my love affair with mekhela chadar is never-ending. With the growing age it is growing even more and I am more at ease wearing it. Last weekend the Greater Boston Assamese community celebrated Bihu  with prompt and enthusiasm. Like last year  we attended this year as well and I got one more opportunity to wear mekhela chadar.        I got this mekhela chadar at Assam Convention  where one of the designers Jahnavi Swargiyari showcased her designs. A simple yet elegant mulberry silk mekhela chadar in bright yellow color, just great to celebrate Bihu and Spring. The mekhela chadar has both silver and gold design in it. The bright yellow reminded me of Assam, especially the dotted mustard fields of Majuli  and dreamy daffodils in New England. I chose muted antique finish gold jewelry for earrings and a stack of bangles, and added a few turquoise enamel bangles with it, a turquoise bindi, and a turquoise potli bag for a splash of blue on yellow, you can say. A red lipstick,

Top five Assamese bihu food or festive food

If I see my everyday life it is nothing sort of an army battle, two kids, home and my blogging. Sometimes I feel 24 hours are not just enough. I am sure every parent feel that way. However, special occasion festivities brings a smile to our faces to cherish, festive food, fun with family and friends. If you follow my blog you know during this time back home we celebrate the biggest festival of Assam Bohag Bihu  also the Assamese New Year. A festivity always brings great food to the table. The top five must-have Assamese food in Bihu Pitha:   You just name it, it can be sweet, savory or salty and from dry to oily. Yes, pitha will cover every taste bud. By the way, pitha is like a small pancake sometimes stuffed sometimes without. Pitha comes in different shape long oval to flat, in fact, some shapes are inspired from Assamese instruments, unlike Assamese motifs. You can't think of Assamese festivity without eating pitha. Laru or Sweet Ball:  Sometimes Sesame ba

Raw mango saree and Manish Arora earring in lovely spring day

      After 4 months of brown winter  when you finally see the spring  bloom with wonderful weather, it almost feels like some Artist painted a blank canvas with color. It was exactly the same feeling when I discovered raw mango by Sanjay Garg's creation. With all the bling designs in the market raw mango is a new kinda traditional take yet the feel is contemporary.       I bought this parrot green chanderi saree a long time back when Raw mango sarees were not easily accessible as today. Every time I wear this saree, I fall in love with it all over again. This is the signature of Raw mango sarees. I can go for a more subtle look if I want, but I opted for a more bright look and added Manish Arora's colorful large earing and blue blouse and blue silk potli. Brown Smokey eyes, bright lips, and a loose bun. Do let me know how you like it.