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Showing posts from December, 2021 assamese beautiful pre-wedding ceremony

  Indian weddings encompass many beautiful ceremonies or traditions. In Assamese culture, Jurun is a pre-wedding ceremony. It usually occurs a day or two before the wedding day, sometimes even on the same day of the wedding. A tradition where the groom’s family, especially women, visit the bride's family to present the wedding trousseau (Mekhela chadar), jewelry, some makeup, and accessories. In my belief, a tradition that welcomes the bride to her new family with gifts, love, and blessings.  On the day of Jurun, Aam Dali godha (A stringed mango leaf) is a tradition and is tied over the door. It is believed that it will take away all the bad energy and bring good luck to the newlywed. Usually, jurun happens in the morning or before noon. The goom does not accompany the group. Before going to the bride's home, the groom and his family get blessings from the people who gather for the jurun. Another tradition associated with Jurun is filling two small bell metal vases (called luta