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Bespoke Banarasi,Bell sleeve ,Tassel earring...#ootd

       Spring is in the air with wonderful weather, flower power and much more to look forward to. I look forward to wear more spring-summer outfits as well as sarees. Some of the most popular spring trends I see these days are dramatic bell sleeve and tassel earrings everywhere. Bell sleeves are super stylish and fuzz free. Tassel earrings are major trend this year. I very often sport them with my western dresses.      As you guys know my love for mekhela-chadar and my love for banarasi/bespoke weaves are not any less then one another. I get little hopeful and adventurous. Why not incorporate these latest trends in Saree. Here I am in a black Banarasi Saree with pink green and purple lotus motif and silver leaves with pink velvet boarder. This Saree has a very contemporary and modern appeal to it and is perfect for a soiree. The saree is very light and comfortable to wear. Someone like me who is not perfect in draping can easily wear this saree. Since the Saree has motif all

Tibetan Kitchen , Middleton , Ct review

 I have always been fascinated by Tibet, whether it's their magical monasteries, monks, quaint natural beauty, dignified Dalai Lama, ethereal Everest or their simple delish cuisine. When a friend of my mentioned about this hidden gem, I could not stop myself visiting it. In art affectionate Wesleyan's home, Middletown, yes Tibetan Kitchen, Middletown, CT is a tiny piece of an art in its own way. Scarlet walls with Tibetan accents like Buddha and delightful portrait of Dalai Lama brought little Tibet inside this charming place. A little dream of mine became a reality as we entered into this Tibetan Kitchen with a vintage yet cherry, warm yet humble, eclectic oriental casual space. After a hearty and speedy greeting, we were seated. As going through the menu, we switched it a bit. As a momo(dumpling) lover, even though it is in the main course; we chose Momo as a starter. I and my husband had vegetable momo(Tsel momo) and for the kids chicken momo(Sha Momo). Veg m

Fragrance of Bihu

Bihu delicacies from my Ma's kitchen. All served in bell metal dishes. I miss home Assam every single day, perhaps around this time of the year even more for not being there. Yes, it is  Bohag Bihu  time, the spring season of Assam's most vibrant and whimsical festival.  Bihu  is the biggest and most favorite festival of Assam. Another name of Bohag Bihu is  Rongali Bihu , Rongali means color, the color of food, culture, tradition, and love and assamese hospitality. I feel nostalgic; the nostalgia transports me directly to Assam, probably 20 years back Assam, where I spent my childhood and adulthood during the early 80s to early 2000.          Me and my daughter, dressed for Bihu last year Kapau  Phool(Foxtail orchid)       A few days before Bihu our whole neighborhood became fragranced whether it's Tilor ladu(Sesame balls) or Pitha(Rice cake). New leaves grow on the tree, Kapau Phool(Foxtail orchid) and Bhatau Phool bloom, Rose Chesnut blooms, and

Market Place Kitchen and Bar, Avon CT - Review

    There is always something about new whether it's New Year, a new song or new company, there is a bit of freshness, charm, promise and thrill to it. As a foodie, new restaurants always do the same for me. Market Place Kitchen is a newly opened restaurant in Avon that we recently ventured.     A high ceiling open modern kitchen and a brick wall with a fireplace, it felt cozy at first glance. I was quite impressed with the service in spite of a full pack Friday evening; they served gently and gracefully.     We began with a Mediterranean sample platter consisting of roasted red pepper, hummus, falafel and eggplant puree with Nan. I got hook to the way it is presented on a cutting board. Falafel was crisp and scrumptious. Hummus was whipped and velvety, Olives slightly bitter succulent, sweet cornichons were complimenting to it.      For mains, we got Garden flatbread for kids. The flatbread was flavorful with healthful garden vegetable (Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini,

My mekhela chadar memoir

My mekhela chadar memoir is vivid and vibrant. I was probably five when my fraternal grandmother died. But, I still remember her pristine everyday mekhela chadar look. A cotton silk crisp mekhela and a handwoven cotton chadar with a cream or ivory blouse. Her inner simplicity reflects through her attire. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother who carries a tea garden heritage, always wears a silk mekhela and cotton silk chadar with a small boarder usually brown or green or gray color. Through out the day, her pleats remain in the same place and position; her mekhela chadar reflects a strong woman who stayed strong through her life. As I grew up, I discover every woman's inner world with her mekhela chadar. My art teacher who used to wear beautiful mekhela chadars with intricate embroidery, I experience her sensitive inner world. Back home in Assam, our domestic help Hiramoni wears her mekhela chadar or saree the whole day so effortlessly and quickly.  I feel embarra