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Zoonskaya , Sivasagar Assam review

I heard the buzz and rave reviews of Zoonskaya from my family and friends in Sivasagar  When we visited Sivasagar  in our recent Assam trip I wanted to visit Zoonskaya. Sadly the night was already occupied as they are supposed to have a wedding party and I had no choice but to visit for lunch. A few miles from the hustle of the city, Zonnskaya is nested in a most gorgeous natural setting encompass with pond, trees, fields and emerged into modern esthetics.         I thank my stars for coming for lunch as I was awed by the beautiful vistas in the daylight. Stunning chandelier open airy space with fireplace feels like one gorgeous restaurant, but if you step outside which eventually you will the wonder awaits for you, a beautiful pond with green mountains on the horizon, a Carribean resort-like experience in Assamese esthetics.  I was amused by the morals on the walls and cherry on top the tress of mango to jackfruit fertile with fruits. Here you go the f

Hello Mumbai in 24 hours and top 4 things to do

      When we planned our Mumbai trip it was initially a two days trip but because of a technical issue on our fight made everything not what we expected. We had only  24 hours to explore. Mumbai is huge and 24 hours is too short to explore thanks to my cousin and his wife who helped us get a good glimpse of the city even for such a short time. Look forward to visiting Mumbai and know more with more time.       The city of charm, the city of dreams where dreams rise every day with the rising skyscrapers. Magnificent, one of a kind India's financial capital and home to the world's 2nd largest movie industry, city of starts yet city of slums and alluring history and heritage.       The Bustling city offers the most breathtaking vistas to monuments to, eminent architecture and varied and exotic food to world-class shopping. No wonder why Mumbai is India's one dream destination. 1. Marine drive - You want to get the vibe of Mumbai then you shouldn'

Alfresco Grand Cruise Guwahati review

      The Great river the Brahmaputra has huge essence in Assam and for the people from Assam. It's not just a river but lifeline of Assamese people, inspiration, love and most importantly the main water resource.       If you want to see and know a city you must visit the river, whether the Seine in French or the Hudson in Newyork. This time when I visited Guwahati my brother suggested taking the Alfresco Grand Cruise in Guwahati, I instantly agreed, and turned out to be the most amazing river cruise.        As I mentioned earlier, the Brahmaputra has a huge significance in an Assamese life and so does in my life. I have seen the Brahmaputra since my birth, sometimes as flooded and the most destructive and sometimes as serene and placid. I have taken a few ferry rides as well but never a cruise.       We book the cruise a few hours back and got the earliest cruise. Few minutes before the sun was about to set, our cruise started. We chose the middle d

Tea County Dibrugarh Assam

      Tea county Dibrugarh, the taste and take of its own Tea County Dibrugarh tidy chic with multi cuisine restaurant offers Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Continental.        A lovely and warm greeting adds so much and we got the exact same feeling when we entered tea County Dibrugarh. An extensive and elaborate menu of tea County Dibrugarh is not an easy task to choose from for the 1st timer.        We started our day with the assorted vegetable platter. Literally, I did not expect that vegetable platter comes with such a vivid and varied array. Succulent green vegetable grill to perfection green kabab crispy on the outside and soft inside with hearty spinach, cheese stuffed grilled paneer delectable and delightful.        Then we had our main. As we are in Assam my kids missed their pasta. My little one had pasta with white cheesy sauce. Whipped and thick cheesy pasta can be an instant favorite for one who loves rich Italian food. Then my elde