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Stay Home Kinda Diwali and outfit of the day

  When you celebrate festivity or any celebration with your friends and family, it always doubles up the joy. Alas, 2020 is not like any other year in which we share our happiness with others. 2020 brought so many unexpected changes to my life and my family. Many times, I almost felt that my life had taken a pause, but the beauty of human life is that it never stops; it just flows like a river.  We had no get-together or such celebration this Diwali; however, we celebrated with Zoom Diwali. I set up our dining table according to the Diwali theme with everything we had available. I cooked my favorite food for my family. Then we all dressed up for Diwali ; it surely made us smile a bit more. We lit up Diyas(Earthen lamp), colorful candles. It was absolutely divine. I wore a pink Paithani saree, a simple hair bun, and some multi-stone jewelry. My saree is light pink, and the border is bright pink. I wore a dark pink tone lipstick just to match with the saree. Did you notice I had a red ro

Four favorite places for fall-peeping in Connecticut

  My home state Connecticut might be a tiny state but with lots of little wonders. Especially in this time of Covid19 as we are unable to do out of country or state trips or meet our close ones, we are taking advantage of staying at home. Exploring nearby places which we usually won't appreciate as much as we should. Fall in Connecticut is unique and idyllic embodied with flavor, color, and carnivals. Especially this year fall weather somedays are so warm that we are feeling like summer and we have extended time to enjoy the fall. My list is long but I have picked my top favorites here...  Farmington River trail: With beautiful vistas and views paved Farmington river trail is one of my favorite. If you want to hike, bike, or take a leisurely walk, the Farmington river trail has a unique beauty of its own when fall spells the magic of colors quint, and sublime. The rustic yet delicate color combination and perpetual river view with the signature of the Farmington trail probably i

Grist Mill, Weston , Vermont beyond postcard from the past

I am sure if you have followed my blog by now, you know how much I love to visit offbeat places, and when it comes to offbeat places, Vermont immediately comes to my mind. No matter how many times I visited yet to wanderlust. I must tell you visiting Vermont in the fall has its charm. The little rustic towns accentuate fall aesthetics and beauty, not just for your eyes but also for your soul. I often wonder and find it intriguing how these places keep their beauty and tranquility so virgin and undulated in the time of advancement of science and technology where the rest of the world is on the go.  Here I was in a little piece of heaven called Weston. A little town was not so little when it came to its charm and beauty. This lovely little place that adds aura and allure is called Grist Mill, built in 1780 and originally built as a lumber mill. Engulfed in the bank of West River, the mill is a sight to behold with the serene surroundings and tranquility of trees, a waterfall, and a tiny