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Santorini travel guide

       Months ago, on one of those solitary winter nights, while thinking about Santorini at my home in Connecticut, I'd already reached there in spirit. I was wondering whether the glee of visiting Santorini would truly be intact when I landed there for real. After seeing so many pictures and videos influx on social media, could it live up to the image I'd imagined?  The day approached, and Santorini unfolded. Despite being bustling, it is soulful and energetic with mileage of romance and wonders that captivate your senses once you reach there. It is heavily crowded despite enchanting and enigmatic and indeed above and beyond its hype.    Nested 200 km southeast of Athens , Santorini's history takes you back to the 16th-century volcanic eruption that created this iconic and insanely beautiful place. The backdrop of balmy Aegean seas encapsulating blue domes and cliff-side whitewashed Cycladic houses in the caldera are pulchritudinous, as in the postcard.  When to Visit -

Where to eat in Athens (Vegan and vegetarian options)

For people who visited Greece or Athens, it will always linger in their taste buds, Greece Cuisine or food. You can't deny the appeal of the lip-smacking Greek gastronomy. From savory and succulent Mausaka to Falafel, Souvlaki, and enticing Tzatziki, to luscious Loukoumades Athens is a foodie's home and I won't be wrong in saying Athens is the foodie's capital too.   My favorites are here:  A for Athens  The name lives up to the name of this restaurant. Breathtaking panoramic views of astonishing Acropolish to magical views of Monastiraki Square   and the great food is worth coming to this restaurant. Had one of the best drinks for a sober like me. Upscale Greek cuisine with a modern touch and twist makes it one of my favorites. Breaded Eggplant rolls, Lamp Giro, Cod with vegetables, and Lemon Sauce and you shouldn't leave without trying open apple pie and berries cake. Mileage of great ambiance, great food, and great service under one roof.  Veganaki  I am not