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Eri Silk Saree and reminiscing good old days

Lazy winter months in New England always transport me to Assam, to my home sitting with my Dad , who always wore Eri sadar (Eri Shawl). Gone are the days nevertheless memories remain. That's how probably the human life is interesting as you learn to live with the memories, celebrate and sail into the future. As I am reminiscing good old days and my Dad and his Eri shawl, I decided to wear an Eri silk saree for a friends' small get-together. I n the time of Covid19, small happiness like meeting a friend after a long time always gives so much joy. Here, for her get-together, I wore this black Eri silk saree with a red border and small motifs all over and teamed up with a traditional Assamese necklace called Biri. Drum shape pendant (Biri) with black and red stones makes it very interesting, traditional yet quirky. And my hair is down natural and kohl-filled dark eyes and red lips. And last but not least, a red potli and statement antique bangle rounded the look. Please do let

Assamese roasted sesame chicken পোৰা তিল চিকেন

We have just greeted a new year and bid adieu to the holiday season. But the holiday's good scrumptious food is still in the mind. If you follow my blog, you sure might know, at this time of the year my home state as well as many parts of India celebrates the end of the harvest season like thanksgiving, we call it Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu. While other parts of India call it Lohri, Pongal, etc. Magh Bihu/Bhogali Bihu is all about celebrating and sharing good food with loved ones. In today's time and period, gathering and sharing food with family is not as easy or safe any more thanks to omicron, but staying home cooking for your family is always a good idea. As for me, it is not possible to visit my family very often because of the distance but giving my family a festive or Bihu feel or bringing a bit of home always makes me happy.  A few years back, I have shared the Assamese sesame chicken recipe in my blog which was a little gravy base, but today I thought, I will share a

Happy New Year and Slices of Simsbury, Connecticut

  Happy New Year Everyone 2022. Sharing with you a few pics of my neighboring quant and historic little town Simsbury, CT. Rustic, quaint, and full of architectural delight with ample holiday glory.