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A day in Beacon Hill , Boston , MA

  The home of world-renowned institutes Harvard and MIT and its intriguing history, Boston makes an irresistible destination for any travelers or history buff. Here are many neighborhoods steeped in history that will take you through the time gone by, Beacon Hill is such a bonafide destination with a European feel that takes you back to revolutionary times yet a sheer blend of cosmopolitan city neighborhoods. It is filled with homes with stately architecture with Victorian style, one-of-a-kind boutique antique stores, and cozy coffee shops on narrow winding streets with gas-lit lamps that make you visit this charming and sought-after historic neighborhood in any season. Beacon Hill is home to many influential personalities including William Blaxton original owner of Beacon Hill, an early English settler in New England and the 1st European settler of Boston and Rhode Island, Renowned poet Robert Frost , Nathaniel Hawthorne Academy Award-nominated actress Uma Thurman and many more.