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Laurel Ridge Daffodils, Connecticut

It's a wonderful feeling how the weather is warming up in New England as well as how blooming flowers warm up my heart. Last weekend we visited laurel daffodil farm. About 30 minutes from the capital of Hartford, CT tucked in the winding roads and greenery. 

Lying in Litchfield county  Laurel Ridge daffodils are truly brimming with beauty. Thousands of yellow and white blooms with the beautiful pond in the middle perk up the season with beauty and people who visits finds its tranquility and serenity. Absolutely free entry and you can park on the street. Not just adults but kids will enjoy it as well. The only thing is to wear comfortable shoes so you can walk in this cascading valley. Here I am sharing some pics of my recent visit and wish all the wonderful Mother happy Mother's day with the beauty of Daffodils.