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Happy Stay home Diwali and the outfit

 How are you doing? This is Diwali weekend, as Diwali plunged on the weekdays' many people celebrated on the weekend. In India, every state celebrates it in many different ways. As Diwali is the festival of light, I always celebrate it more like a festival of positivity. It imbibes me with some sort of soulful satisfaction, just like lighting Diwali diya's (earthen lamps or candles) in a house filled with light and visibility.  Possibly, in the last two years, we wanted the world to return to normalcy and pray that darkness must end and light must fill our hearts and souls.  And here comes our low-key festival celebration just with my family. I prepared a few Indian sweets and made a festive lunch for my family, by the way, didn't count the calories but memories 😇. For the outfit , I chose a deep coffee brown chanderi saree with silver motifs and oink enamel work. I teamed the saree with a hot pink blouse, some pearls, pink lipstick, and dark brown eye makeup. I hope you