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Assamese country style sesame chicken Til diya murgir mankho

There are days when my taste buds ask for something rustic rugged, totally country style something that brings that nostalgic flavor, more precisely brings me to our home kitchen in Assam, my grandma's kitchen my mama's kitchen. Yup sesame chicken is in my mind. My Assamese taste bud is so amicable with till or sesame seeds, name a festivity, or staple cooking time, it is a desirable ingredient. I love in today's new age healthy cooking promotes and incorporates seed-eating especially sesame for numerous health benefits which I luckily grew up eating. Once you taste this exotic dish with the rustic and nutty flavor you will try again for sure. Today I am sharing my recipe.. Have you tried Assamese Chicken Curry . Ingredients 2 lb chicken cut into medium size pieces with bone 5 tablespoon till or sesame 3 tablespoon mustard oil or olive oil, you can use any other cooking oil too but I love to use thick oil as it enhances the rustic flavor  1 medium

Lavender pond farm, Killingworth Connecticut

In the havoc of Covid19, most of us are almost losing our sanity. But, going outdoors with proper precautions and spending some time amid nature can unwind and uplift the mood a little bit. A few weeks back I was mesmerized in Rose Garden . Behold...about 30 miles south from Hartford, the capital of Connecticut enfolds a little slice of a dream called  Lavender pond farm in  Killingworth, CT.  Well bedded demure scented delicate colored thousands of lavender flowers bring smiles to anyone's face and enlighten the mind to melt away your stress level. In a white gazebo in the center, to gaze the lavender or to capture photo moments, benches to sit, colorful beehives smitten by the beauty of flowers are just not the only facts to makes you fall in love with this place. But an exotic pond with water Lilly pods and a little covered bridge, a scenic walk to unfold the serenity of the lush green surroundings in this charming place. A little white

The Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park, Connecticut

The alluring and entrailing architectural delight on both sides of the road of Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, on reaching Elizabeth Park you could feel a sense of serenity and peace within. Elizabeth Park's greenery and lots of unique and interesting variety of tree tapestry and ponds is a nature lover's or hiker's delight or someone like me who often in this time of the year visits when the blooms of the roses enumerate rhapsody of colors in the Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park.                 Meticulously and aesthetically put together rose arches, gazebos, and vivid variety and color of blooming roses can take your breath away at first sight. Widely known for wedding and engagement photoshoots, this park can be an ideal picnic spot. Home of 15,000 rose bushes and 800 varieties of roses in 2.5 acres of the park, it is the oldest municipal rose garden in the USA and the third-largest in the country opened in 1904 and was designed by Theodore Wi