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Kaneen A new age Assamese movie

  Most of the movies end when it ends, but there are a few you carry them within while talking, walking, and sleeping. I recently watched the Assamese movie called Kaneen directed by Monjul Baruah. I carried the ache, the pain, the tears within me after watching it. It was released in August 2019 in Guwahati. It is now available   Here  worldwide for an audience like me.  Kaneen has already bagged several awards and had been screened in several national and international film festivals. It is an adaptation of a novel by acclaimed and award-winning author DrRita Choudhary's Assamese novel  Rajib Ishwar . Directed by Monjul Baruah, Kaneen's carefully constructed screenplay, delicately, and sensitively shines through. The story unfolds in urban Assam, a bureaucrat wife Mandira Baruah's tightly knit life seems perfect from the outside. A happy life with two children and a busy yet affectionate police officer husband. The tsunami comes when she discovers a child in the dustbin,