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Bandra, Mumbai .....connecting, creating and coexisting

A few years back when I visited Mumbai , I touched the major tourist spots in Mumbai. After a few years, now I got the chance to visit a few neighborhoods in Mumbai . Bandra is one of the most popular neighborhoods. Synonym to the residence of many Bollywood celebrity's homes. Growing up in the 90s as a kid in India, there is no way you are not exposed to Bollywood. Bollywood is not just about movies but also about star-studded life. Back then, the was no influence of social media yet heard about the affluent suburb of Mumbai Bandra where many stars reside. In the 20s people who visit Mumbai make sure to visit Bandra to see Manat Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's home. Also, to get a glimpse of the superstar. Today's Bandra is hip utterly modern filled with a great fashion hub, great eateries, art music, and many more. Encompassed by the Arabian Sea, Bandra conjures the co-existence of cultures, communities, religions, and financial status. Where standing tall is the Moun