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outfit of the day green mekhela chadar

In my current homeland here in New England, summer is almost over. But in my other homeland in India, this is the mark of the festive season. The festive season unfolds with good food and chances of dressing up. However, the covid19 has changed everything as well as the way we celebrate festivities. The other day one of my friend invited us to an Indian festivity. I decided to step out of the mundane and dress something special. Then this pair of green mekhela chadar came to my mind. A quintessential and classic for any Indian wardrobe. Even though this mekhela chadar is traditional, the thick border gives it a very contemporary look. It has a gold peacock motif design. I decided to team it up with a pair of muted statement gold earrings and a large statement bangle with a gold watch. I did a hair bun and wrapped my hair with flowers. For makeup, my lips are in bold red color, and my eyes are filled with dark kohl.  How do you like this look, do let me know. Have a wonderful week ahea

Shelburne Falls...A day trip

Surrounded by hills situated in Franklin County in MA, Shelburne falls is not just an ordinary town in New England. Brimming with a historic trolley bridge built in 1908, but turn into this unique place of flowers bridge in 1929. The history traces back in time to Glacier potholes formed 14000 years back is not just interesting to see but to feel this archeological gem. The old historic buildings, quaint shops, bakeries to book shops, art galleries to antiques, a day trip is definitely due. Wonderful if you visit this area without the restriction of any season, spring with blooms, summer with rain, or fall with crisp autumn vivid leaves in each season.  Bridges of flowers connect the town of Shelburne and Buckland. Walking on the bridges of flowers is a blissful experience. Walk amidst flowers and trees overlooking the Deerfield River and mountains is something that everyone can enjoy.  Glacier potholes are located a few feet from the bridges of flower, downstream from the Shelburne Fa