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Bridging two cultures and outfit of the day

      The last couple of days had been really warm here, almost felt like mid-July. Not that I don't like warm days in New England when we always complain about the long winter. Yesterday the temperature dropped to a little chili. Feeling of the Fall is always wonderful. I felt like as if I am in India, Assam my home state. Felt like waking up in the morning walking on the lawn barefoot, foggy and hued and with all the festive buzz around. Now I am in New England, missing Indian festivities, so thought of posting a custom made Mekhela Chadar grey and orange, which I got from Assam when I visited last time from Xipini By Kanishka Gogoi Mahanta. A very contemporary appeal with a traditional touch. I accessorized it with antique finish gold jewelry. The outfit is ideal for both day and night. Also, the melange of the two colors, the brightness of orange and mildness of grey portraits the balance of fall  between summer and winter.       As you all know, how I make so many tri

Hello Fall, my favorite things...

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." - George Eliot         Hello, Now the favorite time of the year approaches. In my previous post, I mentioned how I miss India during this time. But, after living in New England, fall has become my favorite season of the year. How magical it is to see the changing colors of the trees from green to pink, purple, red and brown. It is neither hot nor cold, enjoy the pleasant weather. There are several reasons why fall is my favorite in New England... Be Romantic...        Driving through the foliage is one of the best fall activity. Before having kids, we used to take long drives and enjoy the view. That's a great idea for couples or a dating idea with crisp trees and fall color. Now with kids, we still take the drive and have great family time.  Be Creative...         Visiting farms is one of my favorit

Indian festival wardrobe 101

      Indian festive season just kick-started. If you are passionate about Indian ethnics then definitely, it opens up the plethora of possibilities for wearing Indian wear. If you are following me you know, I am Indian girl staying in the USA for last 15 years. I get very minimal chances to wear Indian wear. The festive season is always one I look forward to use my Indian wardrobe.       So now, how to prepare or get your wardrobe ready for the festive season. A few tips and tricks from my personal experience: Always decide on the outfits few weeks before the festive season begins. Check if your outfits are well ironed. A well-ironed outfit plays significant roles in chic and groomed look. Did you try the blouses, if they are well fitted or need any alteration? An ill-fitted blouse can ruin the whole look. After deciding on the dress decide on accessories. Must have: Bangles are must have. A pair of bangles or stack of bangles instantly brings ethnic and festive v

Lake placid food indulgence and healthy choices part 2

Farm Cafe(Breakfast) ...        A mindful morning. As a foodie, my mindful morning always has to do with a fresh, scrumptious breakfast. When I was looking for breakfast at lake placid, I came across only a few restaurants. Honestly, the name Farm Cafe magnate me.       A tidy and cozy set up with a bar Farm Cafe have a great ambiance. As I went through the menu, I was looking for whole wheat or multi-grain bread, but they don't have that option. So, I stuck with veg omelet and house fries with coffee. The omelet was deliciously fluffy. Wish the vegetables were little fresher would have made the taste even better.       Husband got breakfast burritos, again it was a white flour burrito, but stuffing is definitely great with eggs, cheese, and veg fillings.       Kids got flapjack and hot chocolate. You have an option to add either fruits or chocolate chips to flapjacks, and all came with fresh fruits. There is nothing better about a good breakfast when

Arunima Dutta

Introduction:       She is the brand ambassador of youth and beauty, yet her niche is education. Executive Director at RMD Institute of Education, Guwahati, Assam, India, a blogger, and yoga enthusiast Arunima Dutta wears many feathers in her hat. 2004 Mrs. India World runner-up, her definition of beauty and femininity is unparalleled. Her style defines simplicity and understated elegance. Arunima Dutta recently voyaged the world fitness convention in Las Vegas. 1. What is your style? Arunimaa:   DuttMy style would be '' effortless simplicity ''. I am never dressed over the top and like to keep things classic, elegant and yet simple. 2. Your top three favorite looks? Arunima Dutta: a - Some wardrobe additions are justified by their stop-and-stare currency. I love my frocks and skirts. b - When in doubt, put on the little white dress! Never fails you. c - Shorts and the white shirt. Most of the times I am in my 'dressed down is the ne