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Keeping it simple-random things about me

Hello my dear readers, how are you all doing? Summer vacation has just started here on the east coast. My kids are having a gala time. I can't tell you how time is flying. My time is all occupied by them. Taking to them, playing with them, take them to the library, reading stories and most importantly cooking their favorite food. Hence thought, I'll keep it simple and straightforward. It has been more than a year now, and I have shared so many things about my life, travel, fashion, etc. Today I'll share a few random thoughts about me. 1. My favorite color - Navy blue, peach and off-white. Not that I don't wear any other color, but those colors are readily available in my wardrobe. 2. My favorite outfit - In western I love to wear a crisp white top and blue jeans. I know very casual. In Indian, I love sarees. Mostly, I love handwoven and handwork ones. I love salwar kurta too. You will find more solid colors then prints or patterns in my wardrobe. 3. Am I fitnes

LOV, Montreal - A culinary delight

A delicate, delightful food fare with a definite conscience, a chic place what is called  Lov Montreal. A vegan plant-based homey affair with a twist of creativity, culinary brilliance acute interior, terrarium, hanging swing chair LOV instantly cuts a pretty picture. Beginning with A French onion soup piping hot cheese drizzling on the top was a delicious sight even before tasting it. A warm treat for a cold Montreal night. A gooey cheese in the soup in every spoon makes you take spoon after spoon. Then we had assorted appetizer the Mediterranean inspired plater was applause with an array of colors and flavor. Delicate avocado puree, Creamy beetroot hummus olives with oil, vegan mayonnaise loved the silky texture also came with multigrain bread. Then I had coconut curry with  Coconut Curry-Bed of basmati rice, squash, kale, carrot and crispy cashew with a hint of lime. A must try and most comforting of all with a delectable taste. A rich creamy, coconut curry an

My favorite pieces of Assamese Traditional jewelry

My grandmother's thuria, age-old and heirloom jewelry, of course, not part-able         A piece of jewelry echoes a region's rich heritage, aesthetics and sensibilities and Assamese jewelry does not differ from that. A piece of jewelry not just enhances the wearer's beauty but identity as well.       A land of flamboyant rivers engulfed in exotic flora and fauna, birds, musical instruments Assamese jewelry is highly inspired by that. Sharing a few assamese pieces of jewelry from my personal collection.       An Assamese bride's dress up is incomplete without Assamese jewelry. Traditionally Assamese jewelry is purely handmade. The main frame is made out with 24-carat gold and lac is used as a filling material. Stones are studded on the top.  The creatively and meticulously studded stone craftsmanship resembles with pomegranate seeds. The color and texture of the stone are opulent and lurid just like pomegranate. Nowadays imitation Assamese jewelry are als

Majuli - rhythmic rejuvenate retreat part 2

Cool things to do in Majuli 1. Satras - Visit the Satras and experience the socio-cultural institution of Assam and the institution of Art, Music and culture pioneer of the neo-vaishnavite movement and experience the abundant spirituality. A. If you get a chance, enjoy Satriya dance in the Satras, the classical dance form of Assam. B. Visit the award-winning mask making in Samaguri Satra where the mythological characters get alive in the hands of artists. C. Visit the museum of Auniati Satra; however, you are not allowed to take pictures yet get mesmerized by a collection of art from the history. 2. Food - Majuli does not have typical restaurant cultural. Depending on where you stay, you will ultimately get a chance to indulge in local assamese cuisine. Mild yet delectably cooked assamese food. 3. Wear a Mekhla Chadar- It is not mandatory to wear the traditional outfit in Majuli .   When you visit Satras, you see most people in their traditional a

Invitation V, Montreal

Chic and charming and a few feet away from the Cathedral Invitation V was inviting at the first glace. Lots of natural elements and soothing decor with a little mix of modern contemporary interior, Invitation V was worth a visit.    Inspired by global cuisine Invitation V's menu is raved up with locally grown food that is not only nutrient dense but also healthy and sustainable. Sassy Vegan Invitation V's service was quick and friendly, and we opted for a piping hot soup. We chose the soup of the moment, a french onion soup, caramelized onion on top and garnished with sunflower seeds. It was delectable thick yet right consistency. Then hubby opted for Quesadilla with Mexican sauce. I love the succulent taste of vegan cheese, and the salsa was quite refreshing.    For the mains, I had ‘’Butter chicken’’ (Vegetables, fried tofu, and jasmine rice).  As an Indian origin, I have an apparent inclination for thick creamy butter chicken. Invitation V hooked me entir