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Visit to Summitwynd Farm lavender festival in Massachusetts

      There is a charming thing about summer when you visit flower fields, especially lavender. Hot summer days slowly turn into a subtle and calm breeze of air when you see rows of lavender, it's a delightful feeling. This week we visited Summitwynd lavender farm in Massachusetts about 1 and 1/2 hours from my state CT and 30 miles from Boston, Massachusetts .  There are 4,000 lavender plants and more than 20 varieties of lavender in a beautiful location in the backdrop of lush greenery of Wachusett mountain and the soft fragrance of lavender is a wonderful experience. You can visit the farm for a festival or anytime. With the live music and exhibitions with unique vendors, you can collect art pieces, pottery to dream catcher, and several opportunities to take photographs or just stroll in a summer afternoon with your family or friends. You can pick fresh lavenders too, and there is a cute gift shop you can buy lavender plants to soap to one-of-a-kind goodies to do with lavender. 

Mercado 28 Cancun,Mexico a vibrant sojourn

If you are traveling to Cancun visiting Mercado 28 will give you a unique kind of experience. Market 28  an outdoor marketplace consisting of more than 100 shops and is in the center of downtown Cancun and about 30 minutes from the hotel zone, Cancun. A market full of ceramics, leather goods, painted and handmade dresses, straw bags, precious Mexican hats, tequilas, handpainted colorful T-shirts, magnets, peppers, and silver and esquisite jewelry.      It is unique because you just do not go there and buy things at a fixed price but buy with your bargaining skills. For people from western countries, it seems and sounds a bit strange but that is the way things work here and that is one fun part of visiting Mercado 28. A burst of color everywhere with Mexico 's local and beautiful handmade pieces, this marketplace is esthetically enchanting as well. It's a wonderful place to spend an afternoon experiencing buying and looking.  A few tips It's a one-stop place to buy souvenir

Where to eat in Tulum (Including Vegan and vegetarian)

If you follow my blog you must have already read my Tulum post. Besides its incredible attractions, food is one more reason I want to visit Tulum again and again. Here is my list of good food places in Tulum . A few tips in a snippet,  (a )  Bring cash, many places in Tulum only accept cash.  (b) Covid precautions are taken care of in most. (c) Most Tulum dining spots know how to speak English and menus are usually available in both languages.  Ilios  - if you want to experience luxuriously allays of food, Illios will be your address with the perks of live music and a DJ. The jungle-themed atmosphere with dimmed lighting creates a one-of-a-kind experience with supremely attentive service. Arrey of good Greek food with distinctive and fresh flavor will quench delightfully your taste bud.  Raw Love Tulum - Near the beach in the open lush greenery just right after Ven a La Luz statue. Raw Love is an ultimate destination for vegan and vegetarian superfoods whether you like to have breakf