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A Roman Holiday...things to do in Rome

  The capital city of Italy is a Robust romantic step into the tapestry of enchanting history, exquisite Art, architecture, illustrious culture, and cuisine. 2500-year-old Rome is like no other place. No wonder it's called the Eternal City. There are no such things in Rome you should miss, the capital of Western civilization; that's why it perfectly fits as Italians say about Rome: " Non basta una vita ," meaning that a lifetime is not enough to see Rome. Everywhere you look, you see timeless beauty, grandiosity, craftmanship, century-old engineering marvels, winding streets, bustling piazzas, and whatnot. It's impossible to cover Rome on a single or even multiple trips. However, you can do things truly unforgettable and quintessential. Things to know before you visit Ready to walk a lot and wear comfortable shoes. There are plenty of visitors to all major attractions. Buy all the tickets 2/3 weeks before your trip. Dress modestly for religious places. Cover you