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A subtle Mekhela chadar with turns and twists

Wearing Mekhela Chadar (Two pieces of traditional Assamese attire) has always been my pride and pleasure. Last weekend in my State Connecticut, we had a small Bihu celebration with Assamese families residing here. We had good Assamese food, a few heartfelt performances from little ones and adults, and reminiscing good old times with friends and family after two years was the best part of the celebration. 

As it was a post-Bihu celebration and a beautiful spring day, I wore a subtle Salmon color Mekhela Chadar and decided not to wear everything traditional but with some twists and turns. An Assamese outfit or Assamese design sensibility always comes with understated and elegant sensibility and is never over the top or flashy. This pair of mekhela chadar totally vouches for that sensibility. Subtle salmon pink color with eri motifs and designs and a hint of golden string (Guna), mina work (Enamel work). I teamed up with antique silver jewelry and instead of a blouse, I wore a linen crop top with statement sleeves to afloat with the latest trend. As the whole outfit is subtle, I  decided to wear a bit heavy on my lips, dark matte lips, and deep black kohl-rimmed eyes, which execute an old-world vibe and a side messy bun with red roses, and for the finishing touches added a beige pouch. Let me know what you think about this look.


  1. Excellent piece of artwork, subtle yet stylish.Traditional yet trendy for today’s generation.. Love this look.

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