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Holiday outfit and an unique way to wear green

 Since 2020 is such a different year for everybody, certainly Christmas in 2020 or holidays is a different one too.  Even though,  at the end of the tunnel, we are seeing hope, as the vaccine is out now which definitely will make a huge difference. Yet, the terror of Covid19 has not ended here, we are still following precautions and social distancing.  In the holiday season, I love to dress up. Even though I am staying at home, it does not take away my spirit of dressing up on holiday . In the mundane essence of life, dressing up always makes you feel special. As I am not much in favor of attending huge get-togethers, only celebrating low key, hence dressing up will be easy breezy yet have a festive feel to it. Here you go for a holiday outfit - During the holiday season, green and red are such a color to see everywhere. Sometimes the similar outfits, familiar textures, a familiar fabric can be overwhelming. Not only a deja vu feeling but boring a bit. Here, I chose green as the prime

Stay Home Kinda Diwali and outfit of the day

  When you celebrate festivity or any celebration with your friends and family, it always doubles up the joy. Alas, 2020 is not like any other year in which we share our happiness with others. 2020 brought so many unexpected changes to my life and my family. Many times, I almost felt that my life had taken a pause, but the beauty of human life is that it never stops; it just flows like a river.  We had no get-together or such celebration this Diwali; however, we celebrated with Zoom Diwali. I set up our dining table according to the Diwali theme with everything we had available. I cooked my favorite food for my family. Then we all dressed up for Diwali ; it surely made us smile a bit more. We lit up Diyas(Earthen lamp), colorful candles. It was absolutely divine. I wore a pink Paithani saree, a simple hair bun, and some multi-stone jewelry. My saree is light pink, and the border is bright pink. I wore a dark pink tone lipstick just to match with the saree. Did you notice I had a red ro

Four favorite places for fall-peeping in Connecticut

  My home state Connecticut might be a tiny state but with lots of little wonders. Especially in this time of Covid19 as we are unable to do out of country or state trips or meet our close ones, we are taking advantage of staying at home. Exploring nearby places which we usually won't appreciate as much as we should. Fall in Connecticut is unique and idyllic embodied with flavor, color, and carnivals. Especially this year fall weather somedays are so warm that we are feeling like summer and we have extended time to enjoy the fall. My list is long but I have picked my top favorites here...  Farmington River trail: With beautiful vistas and views paved Farmington river trail is one of my favorite. If you want to hike, bike, or take a leisurely walk, the Farmington river trail has a unique beauty of its own when fall spells the magic of colors quint, and sublime. The rustic yet delicate color combination and perpetual river view with the signature of the Farmington trail probably i

Grist Mill, Weston , Vermont beyond postcard from the past

I am sure if you have followed my blog by now, you know how much I love to visit offbeat places, and when it comes to offbeat places, Vermont immediately comes to my mind. No matter how many times I visited yet to wanderlust. I must tell you visiting Vermont in the fall has its charm. The little rustic towns accentuate fall aesthetics and beauty, not just for your eyes but also for your soul. I often wonder and find it intriguing how these places keep their beauty and tranquility so virgin and undulated in the time of advancement of science and technology where the rest of the world is on the go.  Here I was in a little piece of heaven called Weston. A little town was not so little when it came to its charm and beauty. This lovely little place that adds aura and allure is called Grist Mill, built in 1780 and originally built as a lumber mill. Engulfed in the bank of West River, the mill is a sight to behold with the serene surroundings and tranquility of trees, a waterfall, and a tiny

A simple Durga Puja inspired look

Every festivity has some kind of dressing norm. Think about how  Christmas is associated with red and green and how plaid, brown or purple, yellow or orange in fall. Either color or pattern is usually related to each festivity. In Indian culture, Durga puja often comes with a red , gold, or cream saree. My neighboring state West Bengal in India celebrates Durga Puja with such prompt and grandeur. Even in my state in Assam, Durga puja is widely celebrated.        As a child, I have a vivid memory of colorful balloons and bangles. While growing up, I fall in love with a cream saree with a red border which they lovingly called laal par Saree (Laal means red and par means border meaning red bordered saree). I have a huge fascination for off white sarees. In the time of Covid19, we are not celebrating anything the way we used to do. Even in this unprecedented time doing something we like, always gives us motivation in everyday life. This time I decided to dress up according to the Durga p

Woodstock Vermont fall's ultimate bucket list

  Azure sky, crisp crimson, mustard leaves, scenic drives not just depicts fall in Woodstock but the mileage of human aesthetics merges into it to create the surreal scene. Picturesque farm, winding dirt roads, historic covered bridges, buildings are signature of quintessential small-town Vermont's fall charm and the world enfolds with never-ending beauty. Nestled in central Vermont , Woodstock is a fall wonderland when the autumn palette files with vivid colors and makes it an ultimate fall bucket list.  Not just nature in autumn, Woodstock's every nooks and corner is equally decked up from porches to patios to the gardens with the autumn vibe and almost turns into a festive vibe. There is nowhere you feel like you feel here.  Visit quaint farmhouses nearby Woodstock, take a walk in the covered bridge, or stroll in the downtown and sip a cup of tea or coffee and taste the local bakery and behold the entire scene forever.

Where Did those days go ("Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din") ?

 A sweet and nostalgic ride  Growing up in the 80s and in the 90s Assam, in our Assamese household and Assamese culture  Pehi(Dad's younger sister), Mahi(Mom's Younger Sister), Jethai (Mom's elder sister), Mama(Mom's younger or older brother), Khura(Dad's Younger brother),  were such an integral part.  Thinking about life and the time we spent together brought a whirlpool of memories, love, warmth, and kinship. Bridging, building, bonding, teaching, and learning together with those people wove the delicate and cushiony comfort of a blanket called family. Even though I grew up in a small family, all these people together made up our one large family. After Ma and Deuta, they were equally associated with our lives and upbringing. They assimilate in our happiness and our sadness equally. Like fulfilling little wishes, as getting the best seasonal mango from the market, stitching dress for you by hands, celebrating festivity to weddings together. Every summer vacation s

Indian minimalist festive look

  What if life is all about fun and happiness. Perfect but a bit boring. My Dad used to say life will throw you in situations where you have to face problems but that does not mean you can't get over it,  you face it and resolve it as well. 2020 hasn't been the best year for my family. First, we lost our Dad , then one of my Aunt got hospitalized and now another Aunt is severely ill. Yet, does it mean we don't celebrate or rejoice the beautiful and simple things in life? As simple as eating a good meal with the family, taking a walk, a hearty conversation with friends, and dressing up can lighten up your life when things are not going accordingly. Just the other day happiness was wearing an old pink traditional kanjivaram saree. I teamed up with a turquoise blue banarasi blouse that went well with the border of the saree and pink matte lipstick on my lips and soft wavy curls on my hair. And I accessorized it with large hear shape Ruby and gold pendant and a light gold bangl

Indian festive Look 1, 2020

     Last year around this time, I was bombarded with so many outfit posts especially, Indian inspired as this time kick starts the Indian festive season. As now we are coexisting with Covid-19 , social appearance is really limited and of course, dressing up as well.  But, the other day I was invited to my neighbor's place for Lord Krishna's birthday, which we called Krishna Janmashtami. As Covid-19 is in my mind,  with full precaution, I decided to attend, as I have wonderful memories of Krishna Janmashtami celebration of those idyllic days of childhood and growing up. Also, took the opportunity for dressing up. Interestingly, I have kurta and skirt in Banarsi Silk motif of Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna and blue Banarasi Dupatta and antique silver necklace and earring with a silver bangle. The look is simple enough for casual get together and dressy enough for any low key celebration.  I finished with silver sandals and a blue bindi. Do you know in Indian culture

Buttonwood Farm Sunflower festival and noble cause in Connecticut

"Light-enchanted sunflower, thou Who gazest ever true and tender On the sun's revolving splendour."  Pedro Calderon de la Barca I have been a sunflower adherent but not as much until I saw the Buttonwood sunflower farm. Tucked away from the claustrophobic city, this serene scene of sunflowers in quint town Griswold, thousands of sunflowers blooming in 14 acres of land is surreal. About 50 miles away from the capital of CT, Hartford this picturesque farm enhanced with meadows and barn houses, historic stone walls and cows, and of course, farm-made ice cream also contributes towards a great cause. A bunch of fresh-cut sunflowers will cost you a $10.00 donation and 100% of the proceeding goes to   Sunflowers-For-Wishes   for children with critical illnesses. If you happen to live nearby or visit this area make sure to witness this gorgeous farm and also contribute towards the noble cause.  It was my pleasure to visit last weekend.