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Grand Bazaar -Turkey’s Turkish delight

When I visit a new country, and when it comes to shopping, I always buy something that accentuates that countries flavor. Especially when you visit a country like Turkey, it offers the best of both worlds. Parted by Bosporus, One side of the river in Europe, and the other in Asia. The combination of both cultures giving Turkey a uniqueness and so one of a kind. As I mention earlier, when I visit a new country, instead of buying the brands available in my own country, I want to buy or shop something that is not available in my country. What could be the best way to cherish Istanbul other than visiting Grand Bazaar? It is the largest and oldest covered market in the world. It’s not definitely an average experience of attending a regular mall or any modern-day shopping, colorful and kinetic with 250,000 to 400,000 visitors visiting in a single day. That’s the charm of Grand Bazaar. Hospitality is the other name of Turkish culture, and that’s wha

Sabyasachi for Pottery Barn collection review

He has it all, the world's best-looking women desire for his stunning creation whether Oprah Winfrey or indigenous Ashwariya Rai, Rani Mukherji to Vidya Balan just name it. Sabyasachi, the red carpet loved designer widely known for his intricate, elaborate yet classy designs, whether magnificent saree or muse in western Silhouette. One of the associate design members of the fashion design council of India and one of the youngest member of the national museum of Indian cinema, he is the first Indian designer to show at the Milan fashion week. Sabyasachi, his phenomenal designs always struck me. It was a pride and happy moment when I saw Sabyasachi's collaboration with pottery barn. The Sabyasachi for Pottery Barn holiday collection includes more than 50 pieces, such as floral plates, mix animal plates, Christmas ornaments, jewelry boxes, brocade and embroidered pillows, block-printed reversible quilts and tufted rugs that range in prices from $14.50-$1,799. As soon as I c

Kheer - Anupam Kher's short film debut

I took Anupamji's picture during his visit to Connecticut for performing "Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha" Presented by Terribly Tiny Talkies, stand out starring by ever amazing Anupam Kher, Natasha Rastogi and child actors Stuti Dixit and Abhimanyu Chawla, directed by Surya Balakrishnan and written by Sharanya Rajagopal and Surya Balakrishnan. A story took place when grandkids came home to visit their grandfather, where the grandfather, played by Anupam Kher is in a tricky situation of introducing his lady friend to his grandkids. It was a great cinematic experience of 6 minutes 44 seconds. It is like Indian Kheer full of sweet flavor and twist of spice (cardamom). Like making kheer, one has to be picky incorporating all the ingredients, dry fruits to hint of cardamom. It was exactly same experience with Short film kheer, a wisely depicted middle-class life with every single detail including a not working wall clock, to a worn out sofa instead of modern-day interi

b.good, Canton Review

Are you one who crave for fast food, if yes, I am one too. Because, it saves time, tastes good and convenient with kids. But, the major problem with fast food is that they are loaded with sugar, preservative and growth hormones, antibiotic, ingredients which are not at all good for your health. How about if you can eat organic real food with the feel of fast food restaurant? Here is my recently explored and favorite restaurant b.good. The main idea of b.good is to feel good and not feel guilty after eating. A casual and clean environment with friendly service and trendy food b.good was a wonderful experience. Medley of kale grain bowls, seasonal salads, and vegetables, hand cut fries and options of local all natural burgers and sandwiches including kid meals, seasonal smoothies and a variety of lemonades. Those smoothies are a delight. Creatively crafted menu with plethora options for vegetarian, and gluten free. The menu is very transparent as all ingredients come from local

Popover Bistro & Bakery review

My four-year-old daughter just picked up from Trolls that life is all about cupcakes and rainbows. Probably at some point in your life, a girl in you believes that. No matter how old you are, like me, a mother of two, still a girl in you always stay there. Especially, I always feel that way in my birthday. Probably that’s what brought me into the Popover, an elegant upscale brunch cum lunch in Simsbury . Pastel theme color sea green and teal blue with beautiful seating arrangement with chic, charming chandelier, Popover is a beautiful place to be, an urban new era menu, with interesting signature smoothies and various breakfast options. They offer Organic Hojicha Green Tea and spatiality coffee. They have options for glutton free and both vegetarian and vegan. It was lovely to notice that they served water in Mason jars.  We ordered quinoa spinach burger and veggie popover with two smoothies. Quinoa spinach burger, I was expecting a healthy version,