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Brown's Harvest Sunflower Field, Connecticut

Summer days on the east coast are precious, probably because it does not stay for prolong period and so does the sunflower fields. We love visiting them. This weekend we are traumatized by Henri but somehow survived.     A few days back we visited and marveled at the Sunflower Field in Brown Harvest Farm. It was a little different than Lyman's Sunflower field . A wide-open field with quintessential New England red barn and sunflower-inspired photo props was quite a wonderful experience. Like Layman's, you can also shop for local produces.  They hold a two-weekend Sunflower Festival during this time too. Because of the Covid 19, we decided to avoid the fair, we simply visited the field. Sharing my clicks. 

Sunflowers in Lyman orchard ,Connecticut

Wandering around flower fields always gives me some kind of solace and serenity. Every year during summer without giving a miss, I visit flower fields especially Sunflowers. Such a no age-bound activity fun and frolic. You rediscover the child in you.  Last year I visited Buttonwood Sunflower field and this year Laymen Orchard Sunflower in Connecticut. Situated in the cascading hills, this sunflower field has many characters. Lines of tall trees with a sea of gorgeous yellow flowers is a fun visit always. The best part is, a portion of their sale is donated to various charities each year. In addition,  you can pick your own fruits. They have seasonal fruits like apples, blueberries, and peaches as well. We love to visit the supermarket too it was filled with fresh produce and baked goodies.  There are numerous photo opportunities for yourself or with the family. I love the elevated porch from where you can get a view of almost the entire field. Every pathway leads you to wonderful pho

A day trip to idyllic Kennebunkport ..What to do

   If you happened to read my blog post last week about Portland, yes, on my Portland trip, we took a day tour of Kennebunkport. About 40 minutes from Portland in southern Maine , Kennebunkport is an idyllic coastal town. A picturesque, breezy town with beautiful waterfronts, cascading narrow roads, and gorgeous houses. Visiting Kennebunkport can make anyone happy, whether you want to rent a bike or sail in the water, eat lobster, walk in the beautiful square with melting ice cream, or wind shopping in the colorful stores and boutiques.  What to do   Experience the spirit of Dock Square - The lifeline and spirit of Kennebunkport is the Dock Square, with plenty of eating choices, from lobster rolls to natural ice cream, and an ample great eatery. Explore one-of-a-kind shopping and art galleries. Don't forget to click a photo with the Kennebunkport sign on the Lanigan Bridge. It is touristy but worth clicking.  Cape Porpoise - If Dock Square is the spirit of Kennebunkport, then Ca

Portland Maine - a wonderful visit

Visiting Maine is always a euphoric feeling. Maine encompasses dotted coastal towns, rugged shores, picturesque landscapes, and exotic food.  Meanwhile, Portland, Maine, is a world on its own. It embodies the prolific past, home of the renowned poet, oh-so-beautiful lighthouses, and alluring architecture. Portland is a mileage of history, creativity, art, culture, and wilderness.  Words and photos could hardly depict or ensure justice to its true beauty. Here is my vain attempt to capture Portland through my lens and my words. Here are the favorite things I explored in Portland: Portland Head Light House at Fort Williams Park - depends On your schedule entire day won't be enough to explore this beauty.  The most photographed lighthouse in the world was once in Massachusetts, but it later became part of Maine when it was separated from Massachusetts. If possible, I will visit at two different times. I did it in the morning and evening. I wanted to capture the lighthouse at sunset,