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Albright college Fashion Department 8 Collections Runway Show NYFW S/S23

NYC is always full of chaos, hustle, and bustle, yet you will always love to come to this robust and romantic city. Attending fashion week is a little stressful and tiring at the end of the day, but it is always an unparalleled experience that words can hardly describe. This is my last post on NYFW. Here are the 1st post and 2nd posts . This show was a little unexpected as it did not exactly tell what the designers were going to show. This show is by 8 designers, all students and teachers to be precise. As the show unfolded, I was in awe. I loved how an array of design cuts were displayed. I loved this illustrious collection as everyone brought something different to the table. What I wore...I wore a volume-sleeve deep brown embroidered dress with hand embroidery, a belt, and a light camel pump with dark red lips. Behind creating this look is the classic, and so NYC merges into an autumn vibe. I hope you love this look. 

NYFW S/S2023 Global Fashion collective and wearing a Mekhela Chadar

Attending NYFW is an enthralling experience. Global fashion collective in NYFW was my 1st Experience in NYFW F/W2022. Coming back and attending this year is even more special. In this event, I got to see different designers from across the globe under one roof. This time I witnessed 4 unique multi-facet designers from 4 different countries.   Lunalee (USA) - GFC 1st show unfolds with Lunalee, a Korean American who grew up in California and later moved to NYC. Chic and contemporary designs with a minimalist approach in dynamic shapes and silhouettes influence a unique blend of two continents Korea and America. Dr. Maaya (Japan) - A trained Nuerosrgeon then studied Art and Design in Central St. Martin in London and already showcased her creation in Vancouver Fashion Week 2019. Rhapsody of colors and quirks and creativity is a fulcrum factor in her designs in GFC. Her designs are a blend of artsy and crafty, a happy fashion indeed. Ay Lelum (Canada) - Awe-inspiring and inclusive fashion a

Gita Omri Runway Show NYFW S/S2023 and my outfit

It has been a week now, and I still can't fathom the fact that I attended NYFW S/S2023. As a fashion blogger, attending NYFW gives me so many opportunities for networking and, most importantly, witnessing the work and style of so many insanely talented people and realizing how much I need to learn and improve. My 1st Show was the Gita Omri Runway show. It is a very special show, and as a woman, I can relate to it. I love the fact that the worldview has been changing about women's standard of beauty and breaking all the status quo belonging to one size group. Gita Omri's show called Resilience in NYFW S/S2023 Runway Show is NOT PLUS, NOT MINUS, JUST WOMENSWEAR.   It is about size inclusivity and promoting body positivity in her 37 capsule collection. It was a unique and awe-inspiring experience with 2 models with the same look walking down the runway irrespective of their size, skin tone, and look where one was wearing size the other wearing size 20. The collection layout is

A white and silver Mekhela Chadar kind of day

Indian festive seasons just perk up my days and so does everyone who celebrates. The best thing about this year's Indian festive season is that my kids will get Diwali Holiday. I can't tell how happy I am as my kids can join me to decorate and prepare for all our Diwali celebrations.  Even though I love to wear bright colors, white and silver are my all-time favorite. Nothing beats the beauty of white. This pair of Mekhela Chadar is white with silver motifs all over. I feel silver always brings a more modern and contemporary vibe, whereas gold is always classic and traditional. I jazzed up this mekhela chadar with some statement silver jewelry. My makeup idea was a more earthy tone and statement lips. Hope you like this look.