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A day and date with RJ Julia's bookseller

The month of December always transports me to my hometown to the delightful years of growing up holding my deuta's hand walking around in the book fairs and visiting different book stalls. The crisp scent of those books is still in my mind so fresh. Reviving and reliving those winter December days, we visited RJ Julia's Bookseller an independent bookstore. Visiting an independent bookstore is an experience, one and unique. Set in the serene shoreline of Connecticut in the cute town of Madison, RJ Julia's Bookseller is full of diverse books for adults and kids, and  for one and all people with varied interests. Serving more than 30 years, this two-story bookstore with delightful and helpful staff is one that truly feels blessed to visit. Also, there is a cute and cozy cafe that serves yummy sandwiches, soup, and tasty desserts, along with tea, coffee, and cold beverages. I had artichoke and spinach dip with tortilla chips, and hubs had Paninis with mozzarella and pesto. Rece

Creating a classic holiday outfit with trend and twist

As much as I love holidays and dressing up, at the same time, it can be daunting to choose the right outfit. Whether to follow the trend or stay in the classic route. I would say mix both, and the result can be amazing. Mixing classic with the trend is always a good idea because you can use pieces from your closet that you already own. It can save both time and money. We love classic pieces, but there is no denying that sometimes they can be boring or lack interest, and here you can get help from the trends.  Here is my outfit. I am wearing a black skirt, and most of us probably own a long black skirt. Mine is with raffles, which are visually more interesting, and a crisp button-down white shirt with a statement sleeve. For a pop of color, I am wearing a red pump and a gold chain flap bag. Of course, for this look, a bold red lip is a must, but you can always wear neutral make-up, too. Hope you are having a great festive time with family and friends. I hope to bring you more such looks

Behold the last bit of fall in Clark Farms, Granby, Connecticut

Seems like the fall season almost passed by in the blink of an eye. Good times always pass by without knowing, and I am always thankful that this fall season in Connecticut is exceptionally beautiful. I haven't seen such lovely colors in the last 20 years of my stay in Connecticut. We just can't let go of the fall season; we're not yet ready to greet the winter. As I mentioned, the fall season is almost over here, but the fallen leaves and fruits have such beauty. This weekend, we visited Clark Farms and caught the last bit of beauty of the fall. It was a wonderful day. I captured some wonderful snaps and shared them here. It was a magical view of the landscape with rolling hills and fallen apples surrounded by red barns.

Simple Diwali look

Hope you all are doing well. If you are on the east coast, probably enjoying the wonderful weather. We had a lovely Diwali celebration at home. It was low-key but certainly, a beautiful one relaxing with a whole lot of family time and good old homemade food. I had lots of Indian sweets and sinful food which I am still relishing. And we are almost at the last day of October, I just got hangover with festivity and fall foliage and don't feel like letting it go. Anyway sharing some pics of our home Diwali celebration. Wearing a cotton apple green salwar kameez with organza dupatta and rose hand floral prints all over. I love the delicious color of the suit and dark statement lips for a festive feel, otherwise easy breezy simple outfit. A loose messy hair bun and some roses of course. Hope you like this simple diwali look.

4 Instagrammable places Stowe, Vermont

 New England and its iconic fall foliage season; if you are in Stowe, you probably should thank your stars because this is the place that truly turns into a fall wonderland. True synonyms of New England Charm and beauty, engulfs in crimson vistas displaying dotted colors in the backdrop of the green mountain, the barns, and the farms, everything is magical here. Last year I blogged about the best places to visit in Stowe, Vermont and this year I will take you through the best instaworthy places where you can take the best pictures while smitten by the beauty of fall foliage.  1. Grand View Barn—Barns are a quintessential part of Vermont's beautiful landscape, and the Grand View Barn is something that you just can't miss. A 100-year-old structure now protected under the Stowe Land Trust, it is on a steep hill and surrounded by Hogback Mountain. A long narrow passage on the side makes it look  like a postcard. 

Something new Something old Indian festive outfit 1

       New England has been wonderful these days weather-wise. I love how sultry summer beautifully falls into fall leaves, flavors, boots, and layers. Lots in my mind, at the same time India celebrates a glorious festive season thousands of miles away and I feel the festive vibes here. Buying balloons with my Dad , jiggles of colorful bangles in the stores, and how our small town decked up are now a distant memory.  Celebrating festivity in India has its own charm, be it food, the hustle, and bustle or the transitions of nature. Nevertheless, I love to dress up for Indian festivities. As you might know by now, how I cherish old and classic pieces. There is so much potential to dress them up in many ways and never fades with time. I am always attracted to pieces that have a vintage appeal. I love this old pair of back Mekhela chadar . Even though black is usually not considered a quintessential festive color, but no harm in wearing black on festive days, it's such a flattering colo