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Grain free corn muffin with jalapeno and onion

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I had a fabulous Thanksgiving with whom I call family away from family. We celebrated it with good food and good conversation. Festivity always brings good food to our table. I love how the sweet aroma of food floats around the house. Doesn't aroma and flavor bring and bind people on the table?  cranberry sauce and baked beans, Cornbread or muffin those are my absolute thanksgiving favorite food. Imagine a crumbly piece of corn muffin, ah delicious and add a hint of cranberry sauce , out of the world. This weekend I love to share my grain-free corn muffin recipe. I added Jalapeno and onion for delicious flavor. Ingredients 1. 2 cups of almond flour 2. 2 table spoon coconut sugar 3. 2 eggs 4. 8 tablespoon butter 5. 1teaspoon baking soda 6. Salt to taste 7. 1 cup of yogurt 8. 1 medium size onion finely chopped 9. 2 jalapeno one for the muffin and one for the garnishing (depends on your taste bud, how much you can handl

Top 5 things to do in Madrid Every city in the world has its own tale. When we visited Barcelona on our Spain trip, loved its cosmopolitan and multicultural vibe, loved its gothic and contemporary Sagrada Familia and got mesmerized by Park Guell and got lost in the museum the Picasso. When we entered in Madrid, a whole new tale different from Barcelona awaited us. Bespoke yet dynamic, huge cultural heritage, flavorful food, art, street life, and shopping are some aspects of Madrid and a whole new way of rediscovering Spain. Top five things in Madrid Plaza Mayor:   Grandeur and pompous, nested in the heart of the city, Plaza Mayor is the most worth visiting the iconic landmark. Hustle and bustle this ancient market place is surrounded by full of artist, shops, and cafes. Taking a stroll and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea gives you a good insight into the lively Spanish culture. It could feel like you are in a time machine or enjoy your people watch.. Parque de

The Death

If you follow my blog, you might be expecting Diwali celebration post. Unfortunately, this Diwali week we mourn two death in my life, both are unexpected, one is even more unfortunate. My experience in form of a poem. The Death I come from mothers blessings, tiny tots twinkling fingers, and wife’s wishes. I come from possibilities, and from impossibilities. I come from the cold silence of the coffin and from the cheer of celebration. I come knowingly and unknowingly. I come from the leisurely afternoon tea and wee hours of the stressful day. I can happen to you anywhere or everywhere or nowhere. I am eternal, absolute and I am the truth.

How to amp up your Diwali fashion

      The countdown has just begun and you are half a week away from the most celebrated festival of lights, the Diwali in India and the world. Along with cherishing and celebrating time with family, Diwali reminds me of the beautiful months of October and November, the stores filled with colorful accessories which you don't spot any other time of the year, especially jingles of the colorful bangles. Let the accessories do the talking - Jazz up your look with some colorful accessories, be it a colorful mojris or a pair of good heels. Even such simple dressing that will surely elevate your overall look. Wear some colorful bangles and your ethnic or Indian look will surely take the front row. Color me up please - I can't think of festivity without some bright lips or smokey or well-played eye makeup. You can do one or both. Nothing is over the top when it comes to the festivity.  But if you are doing both then tone down the outfit. The balance is the key.