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Wickham Park a treat for nature lover in Connecticut

Generally in the daily grind or claustrophobic life, one who wants to get away instantly without going on vacation finds sanity in the neighborhood park. And my answer to that in Connecticut is the Wickham park, tucked in greenery and rolling hills in 250 acres consisting of 10 unique gardens whether you want to go for the whole day or want to spend a few hours with a short walk nothing better than this. Picnic tables to playgrounds to city view, private event areas to trails to the bird sanctuary to what not, all in one.  The best part of this beautiful Connecticut Park charms you around the year Spring cherry blooms, daffodils, and tulips summer with roses, fall with leaf-peeping, and winter with sledding.  As I mentioned there are 10 gardens. Here you go: Arboterium The Cabin Garden and Amphitheater The English Garden The Irish Garden The Italian Garden The Lotus Garden The Sensory Garden The Scottish garden The Oriental Garden The wetland Garden Some of my favorites are here: The O