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Where Did those days go ("Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din") ?

 A sweet and nostalgic ride  Growing up in the 80s and in the 90s Assam, in our Assamese household and Assamese culture  Pehi(Dad's younger sister), Mahi(Mom's Younger Sister), Jethai (Mom's elder sister), Mama(Mom's younger or older brother), Khura(Dad's Younger brother),  were such an integral part.  Thinking about life and the time we spent together brought a whirlpool of memories, love, warmth, and kinship. Bridging, building, bonding, teaching, and learning together with those people wove the delicate and cushiony comfort of a blanket called family. Even though I grew up in a small family, all these people together made up our one large family. After Ma and Deuta, they were equally associated with our lives and upbringing. They assimilate in our happiness and our sadness equally. Like fulfilling little wishes, as getting the best seasonal mango from the market, stitching dress for you by hands, celebrating festivity to weddings together. Every summer vacation s