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5 Places to visit NYC for free and for the great photos

If I say NYC is full of wonders it will be an understated statement. Every time I visit the city, something new awaits to surprise me. Whereas this multifaceted city is considered one the most expensive city in the world, there are so many things in the city that you can do without spending a penny and experience the quintessential NYC vibes.  Here you go  Central Park - Don't know how many years I have been visiting Central Park. The quaint and lush green park in the spring and summer, vivid leaves in fall, and solitary winter every season is special visiting this park. I love the contrast of the park and how the skyscrapers on the backdrop and the wide greenery spread across amidst the hustle and bustle. Not just tourists but New Yorkers find solace in their claustrophobic city life. Jog, walk, picnic, or inhale the fresh breath of air the answer is central park.  There are numerous viewpoints, lakes, bridges, gardens, terraces, sculptures you just name it.  Brooklyn Bridge - Thi