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Global Fashion Collective NYFW S/S24 -Hyper Culture Collection and Justin Jacob Louis

I have been attending the NYFW Global Fashion Collective for the last couple of seasons. It's always wonderful to experience shows by many talented designers from across the globe and cross-culture.Global Fashion Collective has always left us impressed by bringing such a forefront of the NYFW which they are known for.  - This time I attended two shows, the 1st was by Hyper Culture Collection.  This runway show was unveiled with casual smart, quirky, ready-to-wear pieces. Designer Satoshi Shinada's creativity behind this brand's denim, jersey, and sweatshirt with graffiti and interesting phrases dominated this collection. A couple walking as a bridegroom patronizing jeans attire in the runways indeed added innovation and an out-of-the-box idea. The whole collection is vibrant and youthful with a dose of rebelliousness. The 2nd show was by Justin Jacob Louis, his debut in NYFW was unfolded with indigenous dancing surely heartwarming aspirational, and energetic. There are goo

What to wear for NYFW

Hi There, For the first time, I missed my 1st Show this season in NYFW as the weather has been really bad on the East Coast. T orrential  downpours and power cuts had happened, which was enough reason to create gridlocks. I usually stay in New York during NYFW , but this season I had 3 shows on the same day and I decided not to stay in the city but to return the same day to cope with my kid's busy schedules. Our home to NYC is a 2-hour drive and today it took 4 hours, so I couldn't attend my 1st show as most shows run on time.  However, I wanted to share what I wore for the show. How I decide what to wear for the show. It takes a lot of thought and ideas to create an ideal look to attend such a show. Looking good is just one criteria, but the look should be such that it not only creates an impact but at the same time it should align with your personal style. A statement look is always good for Big 4 and uncomfortableness is the last thing we opt for. In addition, we have to k