Sunday, September 15, 2019

Indian festive look # 2

      Every year festivity always agitates me to dress up. Sometimes buying new clothes is exciting and at other times working on the pieces you already own is exciting as well. Indian festivity calls for a riot of colors. In the trend of neutrals wearing something colorful yet staying in an understated look is tricky. I always believe and enjoy playing up with pieces mix and match, switch and swept. While wearing a colorful outfit, I tone it down with neutral accessories and while wearing neutrals, teaming it up with a pop of color or statement accessories is real fun.

     Indian festive celebration is associated with some quintessential colors like red, orange, pink and yellow. This time for Indian festive celebration, I chose an orange silk kurta ( tunic ) and orange salwar ( dhoti pants ). The color orange itself is a bright and bold color. If I choose the traditional route, I should have chosen gold, yellow, pink colors. In the quite contrary, I chose black; a black color dupatta and some silver jewelry. My neckpiece is a silver elephant pendant. The pendant is from Bali, Indonesia.   I wore dark red matte lips, simple hair and rest of the makeup are natural and a dark blackish Brwon juti (flat Indian pump). A casual look. Did you check  Indian festival look # 1. Hope you like this look.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Indian festive look #1

In the world of flashy machine-made products, handmade products have their own beauty. The beauty that lies in the imperfections makes it unique and one of a kind. Wearing something handmade always brings a sublime feeling to me. That elicited me to share this Indian festive season's 1st look. A handmade tunic and skirt in navy blue shades recently wore for an Indian festive celebration. I am into neutral these days. A navy blue kurta (tunic) and ghagra (long a-line skirt) and added an off-white dupatta. The motive behind creating this look is an understated and classic look. I added a multi-strand pearl necklace just to amp up a bit and my hair and makeup are natural. By the way, I was wearing Loreal X SabyasachiSabyasachi. Hope you like this look.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

L'Oreal Paris X Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Sabyasachi review

      It's always exciting to see your favorite designer collaborate with beauty brands. What new it would offer what creativity they would add up.

      When I saw Indian pioneer designer Sabyasachi's collaboration with L'Oreal, I wanted to try it right away. But it took me a couple of months until I visited India and purchased it.

Packaging: I simply adore the paper packaging on the outer box, gold on beige is just classy and Sabyasachi's signature logo was just cherry on top.  When I opened the paper packaging, the inner packaging is just like any other L'Oreal packaging, no signature Sabyasachi in it. I wished  Sabyasachi's logo on the inner packaging as well.

Color and Texture: Lipstick is from L'Ooreal color riche matte lipstick. In spite of a matte lipstick, it's not at all dry on lips and feels moist and smooth. From Sabyasachi's many darker to lighter shades, I chose the Evening Sur Seine. It is light coral color, the one lipstick that you want to brighten up your lips but not too much either. The everyday kinda lipstick. It's not transfer-proof but definitely good for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. One to two strokes is good to get the right color. It glides really well. Ideal for any skin tone.

Weight: 3.7 gms
Price :  10.45 Dollars (750 Indian Rupees)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

4 favorite things to do in finger lakes region, Upstate New York

Widespread rolling meadows, picturesque landscapes, cascading waterfalls, dotted wildflowers spread across, museums and countries renowned universities upstate new york draws a picture-perfect summer holiday for all kinds of travelers and outdoor audacious, culture connoisseurs. Behold yourself for a different side of Newyork awaits to unfold and unveil.

Corningware Museum of glass - In the midst of rugged mountains and lovely natural setting, Corningware museums is one of the gems in the finger lake region. Established is 1951, collection of 3,500 historical pieces and exhibit of glasses and glass-related pieces from several era and continent. Before visiting, I never realized that I will discover the world of glass which sheer blends of creative talent and genius. The museum offers glass blowing demos and you can create your own glass too especially a great experience for the kids. The beautiful Tiffiny widow is one of the essential addition. Promoting glass research Corning Museum has many interesting pieces of glass including glass furnishing.

Watkins Glen State Park - About 2 miles of hike and 19 waterfalls Watkin Glen seems natures own canvas. A hike we did with 10 years old and 7 years old pretty fine. Every cascading waterfall, bridges, side views are just enchanting. This gorgeous George is about 400 feet with many cliffs. You don't require any hiking skill just hike and wanderlust which is shaped by the water and ice from last 10,0000 years. The cliffs and astounding structures make it one of a kind and most popular destination in the finger lake region.

Cayuga lake - One of the most significant lake in the finger lake region and 2nd largest in finger lakes. Emerald green water is a paradise for outdoor lovers kayaking, paddleboating, swimming, boat rentals are several activities available to do. Soak up the sun in the natural alluring surroundings while indulging in a family picnic.

Taughannock Falls State Park - Rocky cliffs and lightly zigzag shallow river and the towering waterfall a postcard-perfect park. This 750 acres park has one of the highest falls on the east coast. Just a little hiking will allow you to overlook a view of the fall. One of the gorgeous fall one shouldn't miss.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pastel - A few ways and how to wear pastel

      There was a time when pastel was limited to Ester holiday. However, in the Indian fashion scene sporting pastel is not unusual. I love how pastel has been dominating from a couple of seasons and looks like it's going to dominate the upcoming fall season as well.
      In my personal choice, I lean towards neutral these days and pastel works great in that way. I find it easy to dress up without being flashy, yet you can always go ahead and add accessories to team up more statement look.

How to wear pastel
  1. You can never go wrong wearing pastel with neutral. It is the most common and easy way to wear pastel.
  2. People often worry about teaming pastel with the statement or darker palate that it might take away the soothing and soft character. But in reality, is accentuate the pastel.
  3. You can wear pastel with pastel. Mixing up pastel is surely cool.
  4. Let pastel play the power, no need to add anything, pastel has its own beauty.
      I love to wear pastel color sarees in summer a lot. Here I am wearing a peach color saree with an off white crop top and a pearl necklace.

      In another picture, I am wearing a mint green dress with statement accessories a snakeskin bag and bold necklace. 

      In the other picture, I am mixing pastel with pastel and added bold accessories.

Please do let me know how you wear your pastels! Are you inclined towards any particular shade?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Pasighat, Arunach Pradesh, India a told untold tale

       No matter where you are from once you enter this part of the world far from the madding crowd to the far eastern corner of India, this state awaits to unfold some unforgettable moments bejeweled of simplicity and serenity upon you. The lanky battle nut trees, the line like rivers and the lush greenery, lucid clear water streams and that wide-open aqua sky and those charming faces of tribal women carrying a basket on her back are a familiar scene in the state of Arunachal, the state of the rising sun. The home of more than 20  vivid tribes undulated and relatively unexplored.

        That is the little introduction of the state Arunachal and the neighboring state to my home state Assam. And the placid city Pasighat is Arunachal's one the cherished possession. Less than 100 miles away from tea city Dibrugarh, Assam.  Pasighat is your perfectly delightful destination and escapes from the conundrum of the city life.

      A year back Pasighat was as not as easily accessible but after the inauguration of the Bogibill bridge, Pasighat is easily accessible via Bus or car from Dibrugarh, Assam and is the most popular and easy route.

           Even though it is in India Arunachal has its own set of rules and entering here you will need an inner permit, which is available at the border crossing.

      The beauty of Pasighat is its unhurried pace amidst of nature's own set.  The land wrapped by flamboyant Siang river that graciously trickles down from Tibet, the triumph of the city. The Siang exuberants undeniable and relentless charm to this quaint city. Pasighat in knitted with hanging bridges and sweet little tribal villages, winding roads, green hills, waterfalls, and clear water streams. After a month of coming back, it's clear and crisp on mind-heart a place we often search to unwind and unleash our body and soul. Will promise you to write about where to stay in Pasighat and more about surrounding places in my next visit which I regret not staying over.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Blooming Jelly an affordable fashion with chic choices

      It's not very quite often we come across affordable fashion brand with chic style. Sometimes if fashion is affordable, you have to compromise with style and sometimes we meet great style but the price is out of reach. A few days back, Blooming Jelly, a women fashion brand reached out to me for collaboration and I browsed through and was pleasantly surprised with their array of women clothing, swimwear, hoodie dress to tops. It is a melange of chic and understated fashion at an affordable price.



      It was wonderful to receive the products I ordered, the expectation to meet reality. A Black and white classic gingham dress is airy, breathable yet not transparent and you don't need any slip underneath. A must happy piece for a summer weekend, understated outfit for lunch to dinner. I love how it fit quite exactly by what they mentioned on the website. My Blooming Jelly size is Medium. I wear it for a casual family lunch where you are comfortable yet stylish. I keep it simple and teamed it up with a pair of pump and belt. The dress could be a great transition piece from summer to fall, just add your boots and you are all set. Love the comfort and fit of the outfit rightly hugging yet stretchable at the same time.



      Summer always brings me the picture of a perfectly blooming garden. You can't imagine a garden without blooming flowers. This top is a perfect top for summer with a beautiful bloom of flower prints on it. The top that meets with the current fashion trend button-down V-neck with frilly bell sleeve a great feminine with a romantic feel to it. A great top for a weekend out and work as well. If you are like me always in hunt for a blouse that is not those usual plain white shirt, this is the perfect blouse for you.  Again light and an easy-breezy versatile piece for enlivening your summer look. I paired it up with a high-waisted pant thinking of wearing it with a pair of denim next time for a more casual look, why just with denim also with a pair of black trousers. That is the raving part of this top that you can dress it up or dress it down according to your mood.

      Have you explored Blooming Jelly yet, if not please do check it out and add some great pieces for your wardrobe in affordable prices. I will surely be adding a few more pieces to my wardrobe. 

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