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Park Guell, Barcelona quirky and creative solace

      Nested in the hilltop amidst of nature, in the city of movers and shakers, Park Guell is Antoni Gaudio's whimsical creation and iconic muse. A captivating and at the same time quirky yet creative Park Guel is one of the most unique parks I have ever come across. A burst of rainbow colors in the mosaic bask in Barcelona sun, a stroll or walk will give you Gaudi's sheer artistic vision. Initiated and planned as a posh housing community in the 19 hundreds inspired as a in garden city movement by Antonio Gaudi and entrepreneur Eusebi Güell, this unsuccessful business venture turned into a park. Must see 1. Salamander, popularly known as "el drac" (the dragon), at the main entrance. The side walls of the entrance stairs are filled with mosiac art work on tile. Every piece of the square-shaped tile is encrypted with a own design. 2. Hypostyle Room, the main floor which has the roof embedded with mosaic artwork supported on big round pillars

Indian festival look #1

Those hot mornings are now softly turning into misty dewy mornings. Moist morning transport me back to home, Assam India. Indian festival season just started there. Festivity unfolds food, flavor and fashion. I reminisce about those beautiful days of school holidays, relishing festive food, buying and feeling the touch of crisp new clothes.    Well, the last couple of years my friend initiated celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. She meticulously plans and creates festivity with so much care and creativity. It is a 11 days affair. Even though I want to visit every day, my kids and work just occupy me and I could only manage to visit a few days. During the visits, I enjoy dressing up for the festivity.      This year I see how linen became vogue in summer. I chose this linen white saree with a blue border and a pink achal (the top end) which played a pinch of pop of color which you need for a festival look.  I team it up with Assamese thuria and blue potli bag and a thick tradit

Seville Soak up in the Spanish sun

      Blooming bougainvillea, sweet scent of tangerines, adorned ornate buildings, closed gates when opens it feels like a home, wide and warm as every square here awaits to tell you the history of the artistic and esthetics of human curation. Seville, as if the leisurely ornate city enchants you with the quintessential splendid  Spanish holiday.  Eclectic, the capital of Andalucia and the 4th largest Spanish city has a Roman and Morish past. Main attraction THE PLAZA DE ESPAÑA:  If you want to experience something spectacular and get awestruck by mesmerizing beauty and grandeur, the Plaza de Espana with 500,000 square meters of rose gold building beautified with blue tiles, canals, bridges, and fountains, it is nothing short of a beautiful canvas. You might have to remind yourself, this is not a dream but reality. Every tile and railing of the bridges are work of immaculate craftsmanship and seating areas are enclosed with each region's painted map. A pict

5 must try food when you are in Spain

      Being sick and lying in the bed is no fun. But imagining about good things especially memories is a solace while if you're sick. One of these beautiful memories transports me to my recent trip to Spain and it's most unique and iconic dishes. 1. Paella : Most iconic and celebrated Spanish rice-based dish originated in  Valencia and typically seafood based. If you don't prefer seafood you can choose chicken paella or if you are a vegetarian, it has the option for vegetarian too. There is almost no Spanish restaurant who does not offer paella.  2. Patatas Bravas : An ubiquitous tapas in Spain. Fried potatoes almost taste like french fried topped with tomato sauce and vary from region to region. Enticing of course. 3. Churros :   Every nook and corner proudly present Spain's most delicious delight. Decadent fried sugary dough topped with chocolate...Ah heaven! 4.  Pimientos de Padron :  Tantalize your taste bud. Don't get overwhelmed as i

Toledo not just a tale of yesteryears

      Small cities and towns have always intrigued me. Small cities and towns have a wonder of its own, whether it flavor, food , flares, festive, culture or craft. You will find something significant and unique about it. When we were traveling Spain , Toledo was my top pick. Announced as a world heritage site, Toledo is a seamless blend of three culture Roman, Jewish, and Moorish.       Cobblestone streets, historic little square mountain and wrapped in Tagus River, Toledo is a postcard-perfect city and solace for traveling soul How to get there and how much time you should spend       Less than an hour for Madrid by car or train, it is perfect for a day trip or if you want to witness the city at night staying over for a day or two could be a perfect option. We drove from Madrid to Toledo for a day trip but after visiting I regret that we should have spent a day or two to get the essence of the whole city. What are the main attractions 1. Mirador Del Valle :    I