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Diwali - Light, Love and Laughter

      Hope you all had a great week and great Diwali for those who celebrate. This year Diwali fell in mid of the week. After coming back with kids from there after school activities, I was running late but had already done some preparation for a few things, a few days back. In India, Diwali is a holiday, and here in the USA, it's a regular weekday.       But I just could not let go the joy of lighting diyas with my family,  relishing good food and decking up for Diwali dress. I made a festive dinner and lighted diyas with my kids. This year I successfully avoided refined flour and white sugar. Didn't felt must of a  difference. On the weekend, we had one lovely dinner with old friends and another at our place with some new friends. Loved the lighting, the laughs and sharing food with old and new friends.       Presenting you a little bit of our Diwali celebration. I am wearing a light pink sharara with gota work accessorized with bangles. Hope you all enjoy th

Diwali, Kati Bihu Halloween and memory lane

      15 years back I left Assam, India making a new home in Connecticut, USA. I left a few festive, fair, smell, fragrance, family, friends and much more. While you leave something at the same time you gain a few too. You all might know that at this time in India, Indians celebrate the most glorious festival Diwali "A celebration of light". As I am from the eastern part of India, Bihu is the fulcrum festival. After coming to the USA, we started celebrating Diwali as equally as Bihu . We love preparing sweets and exchanging with friends and putting lights to decorate the house with candles and Diyas earthen lamps. With our neighbor, we celebrate Diwali where kids perform dance and music with all the cultural programs and an array of good Indian food. We celebrate our roots and heritage, trying to give kids the essence of India. Kati Bihu celebration. Photo Credit - Parasha Konwer       Along with Diwali, back in Assam India, we celebrate one festival called

Burlington, Vermont Experience the New England offbeat charm

      When it comes to travel, I'm always intrigued by unique and offbeat places more than a commercial tourist attraction. Living in New England offers me plenty of such place choices. Burlington, Vermont  is one such place I have ever visited with the serene shore of Lake Champlain and quiet Canadian border. A perfect destination for your weekend getaway. Some of my favorite things to offer for each and every one. Church Street Market PLace       Experience the history and liveliness of church street marketplace. This four-block pedestrian zone with endless shops, eatery and unique art galleries with view surrounded by pristine Lake Champlain. Walk along with all the happy people feel of festivity with fashion, fun, food, and frolic just name it. Waterfront Park       Just takes your walk a few steps forward to the 7.5-mile bike path, a pier for Lake Champlain boat trips, the Echo aquarium and Discovery church street marketplace. There you are, experience the

India, West Hartford Sunday brunch review

A true blue foodie myself, lazy days especially Sundays, I look for Sunday brunches. As Sundays are also associated with Monday mania, I prefer brunches as there is no hurry to get up, devour and savor your food, yet you have time left to merge in Monday Mania. Last weekend was such a savory Sunday, and we went to India, West Hartford for Sunday brunch.      If you follow me, you might have read India West Hartford lunch review earlier, here is the post . India West Hartford has an interior that blends India intricates with urban design, and we were humbly and quickly greeted. They have an optional entry of menu where you can choose street style India food. The menu is not too extensive to overwhelm yet consisting most Indian street style food.         Most Indian street style foods are indulgent. Here I indulged with chili chicken, Indochinese. Delicately deep fried chicken pieces with relishing red sauce, crispy veggies, succulent-chunky onion pieces and green pepper fi