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Arunima Dutta


      She is the brand ambassador of youth and beauty, yet her niche is education. Executive Director at RMD Institute of Education, Guwahati, Assam, India, a blogger, and yoga enthusiast Arunima Dutta wears many feathers in her hat. 2004 Mrs. India World runner-up, her definition of beauty and femininity is unparalleled. Her style defines simplicity and understated elegance. Arunima Dutta recently voyaged the world fitness convention in Las Vegas.

1. What is your style?

Arunimaa:  DuttMy style would be '' effortless simplicity ''. I am never dressed over the top and like to keep things classic, elegant and yet simple.

2. Your top three favorite looks?

Arunima Dutta:
a - Some wardrobe additions are justified by their stop-and-stare currency. I love my frocks and skirts.
b - When in doubt, put on the little white dress! Never fails you.
c - Shorts and the white shirt. Most of the times I am in my 'dressed down is the new dressed up’ state of mind.'

3. Eye makeup or Lipstick or both?

Arunima Dutta: Depends. Lips I reckon as I like to keep my eyes soft and simple most of the times. I highlight my eyes with mascara and an eye pencil and never ever overdo it. I like to keep my lips soft and dazzling in fresh toned lip gloss. Very rare would you see me in darker shades of lip tones. I do not over indulge in makeup.

4. Your favorite weaves or embroidery techniques you like?

Arunima Dutta: I am completely in love with the traditional attires of Northeast. The beautiful patterns and embroidery that the attires of each particular state carries embodies so much richness, history, love and untold feelings. It's like, you feel it when you wear it.

5. Your ideal day wear and ideal night wear?

Arunima Dutta: For work, it would be always formals. A nice pair of trousers teamed with a well-fitted shirt does it for me. For night I would pick a little white dress or black dress if it's a party; epitomises maximum impact without minimum effort. If it is a traditional gathering I would choose a saree or mekhela chador.

6. What do you like to wear for a wedding?

Arunima Dutta: For a wedding, I choose either a saree or mekhela chador. Make -up again is restricted to the bare minimum. At times I love to tie a bun, otherwise, I love to leave my hair open most of the times. Jewellery would be either pearls or diamonds. I don't like to overaccessorize. A nice watch and a clutch complete the look.

7. Three accessories always in your collection….

Arunima Dutta: 
a - I am fond of my watches. You will never see me not wearing one.
b - I love my shades.
c - Pearls and diamonds.

8. Any Indigenous Diva Tip?

Arunima Dutta: Own your looks with confidence and don’t let comfort take a beating. Dressing for your body type and wearing what puts you at ease are cardinal fashion rules that will never go out of style. Having said that, never take your wardrobe lightly.


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