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5 Places to visit in Tulum

Tucked away on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico , Tulum is a piece of a dream. You are spiritual yogi, honeymooners, history buffs, or art aficionados, Tulum will serve you the best of all possible ways, be it a private resort with pristine beaches, architectural wonders, and street arts to culinary delight, you got covered by Mexico's hottest boho-chic town Tulum. This boho-chic Mexican city Tulum was once a sleepy town but with the influx of social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and then investors now Tulum is Mexico's hottest destination. Food is prepared to perfection, the music flows to the greatest DJ's tune, and boutiques are full with one of a kind finds, sparkling white sand, beautiful blue water, and cascading jungles adorned this beautiful land. Here are my top picks:  Tulum Ruins: A few miles from Tulum town, tucked away in natural beauty, this site is different in that the ruins are situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Located at th

Simple ways to make a house home

Are you one of those super-productive people the second that spring hits? It’s as if the minute you hear the birds singing and feel the days getting warmer, you immediately create your to-do list for spring. Declutter, deep clean, wash the curtains, and more. Trust me - I know so many of these people and I’m one of them! However, this spring, so many of us are in the middle of a huge transition: moving! Seriously - I’ve never seen so many people moving at one time. For those of you who are moving, instead of tackling your spring cleaning checklist, you are packing up boxes and signing copious amounts of paperwork for our loan and house contract, right?! Well, the transition will be so worth it when you get into your new home…and the process of making a house a home is one of my ultimate favorite things to do! If you are not sure where to start, here are my favorite steps to follow: Deep clean before moving in and open up your windows The first thing you will want to do when making a ho

Naumkeag, Massachusetts a photo essay and some wonderful ice cream in High Lawn Farm with a beautiful wild flower

With 20 Dollars entrance fee per adult, Naumkeag in Berkshire is the former country estate of affluent New York City lawyer Joseph Hodges Choate and Caroline Dutcher Sterling Choate. Entering itself gives the whole property an opulent vibe amidst greenery and rolling heels. Even though we visited a bit past the peak of tulip and daffodil season yet nothing took away the beauty and serenity of this property. With a beautiful garden, tastefully done landscaping, sculpture, and bubbles with a fountain, one-of-a-kind feature of the garden. If you visit the garden you should not miss the opportunity to visit the house which includes a beautiful lap of the luxurious interior, overlooking the lush green mountain view, high windows, a great bookshelf, and many more. Taking you through my photos. Just 3 miles apart from Naumkeag we visited High Lawn Farm and had some certainly delicious Ice cream. My 9 years old was elated to see cows on the farm and we love how wildflowers carpeted this place.

Laurel Ridge Daffodils, Connecticut

It's a wonderful feeling how the weather is warming up in New England as well as how blooming flowers warm up my heart. Last weekend we visited laurel daffodil farm. About 30 minutes from the capital of Hartford, CT tucked in the winding roads and greenery.  Lying in Litchfield county   Laurel Ridge daffodils  are truly brimming with beauty. Thousands of yellow and white blooms with the beautiful pond in the middle perk up the season with beauty and people who visits finds its tranquility and serenity. Absolutely free entry and you can park on the street. Not just adults but kids will enjoy it as well. The only thing is to wear comfortable shoes so you can walk in this cascading valley. Here I am sharing some pics of my recent visit and wish all the wonderful Mother happy Mother's day with the beauty of Daffodils.