Valladolid What to do in a day

An old-school elite, this city in the Yucatan peninsula is an earthy canvas of an artist. Every vibrant house, every cobblestone street, church, and store carefully curated strokes, founded in 1543 by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo. It absolutely feels like “pueblos magicos”, meaning magic towns of 132 cities of Mexico. Entering itself you feel time just stood still, with the lively ambiance, just let yourself soak into the old world charm. Perfect day trip from Cancun or Tulum.

Here you go my list of what to do 

  1. Wonder or walk around Calzada de los Frailes.  This colorful quaint street is a dream street for every photographer or artafectnato. Every sight is a frame with carefully curated colonial Spanish houses on the sides, fa├žades, windows, walls, and pretty doorways whether you want to do window shopping or dine in a trendy cafe or check out a boho boutique. 

  2. Convent of San Bernardino de Siena. The Convent of San Bernadino in the background and Valladolid words written on in colorful letters in the front not only score you a perfect instaworthy picture, but also a small delightful stroll to feel the beauty of this wonderful place and visit the museum just with a small fee. 

  3. Visit the Iglesia de San Servicio. Built in the 16th century this cathedral was demolished in 1705 and rebuilt in 1706, adding charm and delight to the city, located in the south of the main square. Surrounded by palm trees it is a delight in the heart of the city. The view of this site is absolutely gorgeous. 

  4. Plaza e Parque Francisco Canton. Overlooking the beautiful church, fountain in the middle, benches, and surrounded by colorful street vendors and small food stands this cute little park is worth checking. 

  5. Dine-in in a Beautiful cafe. Valladolid is full of pretty little cafes and plenty of good food including vegan. I loved the ambiance and food of this cute cafe called "Le Kaat "must-visit for creative and the succulent menu and lovely ambience 


  1. Wow. What a great itinerary. I want to go!,

  2. We just went to Valladolid last summer. Such a great place to explore! I enjoyed your post and seeing the places we visited.


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