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Majuli - rhythmic rejuvenate retreat part 1

      I was waiting in the ghat to cross the river to get to the world's biggest river island Majuli.  I was high on my emotion, leaving my kids with my mom and at the same time fascinated about visiting Majuli for the first time. Then a lady came and interrupted my thoughts asking about what to see in Majuli? It took me awhile to recollect my thoughts and by the time I was able to answer she had disappeared. When I think about Majuli, I wonder if my words really justify the real, rhythmic and rustic as well artistic muse Majuli.       When we took the ferry ride, it was entirely different than regular ferry rides. It was difficult to differentiate the difference between land and sand. After one hour ride, we got to Majuli. We visited our relative in Komalabari and after an hour was ready to explore the unspoiled land. We took our car to Samuguri about 3 miles from Komalabari. At that time the color of the crimson sky was merging with turquoise ocean blue. I sensed this world

Five Assamese motifs or designs in Assamese weave

 Assamese weave is one of the most breathable and delicate fabrics in the world. It is very wearable and light to carry in any season. The most falcrom factor of the assamese weave is the designs and motifs that add more aura and beauty to it. Today I want to share a few assamese motifs and styles. Naturally abundant Assam, Assamese motifs are also inspired by flowers, trees, birds, and animals. 1. Kinkhap - The most popular adorned motif in the assamese weave, very regal and resplendent. Traditionally Kinghap motifs weave in gold and silver thread but today you can get it in any thread. It is believed that this design arrived in Assam from the Ahom dynasty. The kinkhap designs consist of two lions facing each other with courage. As Ahom hailed from Thailand, this design got inspired by Thailand. Also, Kinkhap symbolizes the Ahom dynasty's brave, courage and royalty.      There are many who also believe that the word Kinkhap came from China.  2. Gos buta or

How to Spent a day in historic Sivasagar, Assam,India

      Utterly offbeat and witness to 6oo years of riots, revolves, changing political scenarios and one of the tremendous cultural hub of the east with fluid architecture and the city of lakes, yes it is Sibsagar. Built in 18th century by Ahom dynasty, tucked away in the fertile bank of Dikhow river Sibsagar, in the mist of green forest and dusty roads, the city intrigued you every bit. Entering here you fall for the finest fables of yesteryears.  A day is not enough to explore this historic city but will get you a glimpse of the vast might of the Ahom kingdom. 1. Shiva Dol - Whether you are an avid devotee or audacious traveler, Shivdol will hook you in no time. Located in the heart of the city consisting of the main Shiva dol and two relatively small Vishnu dol and Devi dol. Dol means temple in the Assamese language. Built-in 1734  by queen Ambika wife of Shiva Singha, Ahom king. The dome-shaped Shiva dol had a kolosi (vase) of pure gold at the top. In B

Indian spring wedding guest outfit inspiration part 1

      Tomorrow daylight saving begins. That reminds me of spring and spring weddings. Nowadays, every time I call back home to my parents, I hear either one of our cousin or family friend is getting married. From next month, with Assamese new year starting, wedding seasons begins too. One beautiful lightly rainy spring day we tied the knot too, about sixteen years back. I can't believe how time flies. Indian weddings are rhapsody of colors when it comes to outfits or dressing up. There are a plethora of opportunities to dress up. Dressing up is one of the great attractions in any wedding, whether you are a family member or friend.       Spring is the season when flowers bloom and trees perks up with leaves and keeping up with nature and warm light downpour days, you dress up. Usually bright and pastel color looks great in Indian weddings. I personally avoid red as most Indian brides wear red as tradition. Wearing red sometimes might overshadow the bride. Pink, yellow, teal

Humble tribute to Sridevi and her top 8 favorite movies.

By Laura Lee Dooley from Arlington, VA, USA - IIFA-2014-GreenCarpet2 (215) , CC BY 2.0 , Link       Even before my teen, whenever she appeared on the big screen, my eyes got outstruck with aw by her beauty. She is unbelievably beautiful, like a dream. Such was her impact on a little girl. In India,  from kids to senior citizens, village to city, her beautiful dreamy eyes drawn a thousand dreams breaking class, color, and language barriers, every time she appears on the screen.  Yes, she is none other than the indisputable queen of Bollywood, Sridevi. Her stardom was quite different, and the word actor was used for the first time for an Indian female actor is Sridevi. At the age of 54, her untimely demise on 24th February last month created a massive vacuum and void in India and abroad in the hearts of every art affectionate. At the age of 4 started her acting debut, Sridevi acted in almost 300 films in 6 languages with several national awards and India's fourth highest civ