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Veggie Fun, Providence, RI review

      Wherever I visit a college town whether its Burlington in VT, Newhaven in CT, Cambridge in MA, North campus in Delhi or Providence in RI, it alway gives me such ample energy and enthusiasms that none other can offer. A college town always has that organic and raw energy that slips into you. Today's college kid and youth always fascinate me the way they take their food seriously. We in our 20s or college days did not take it that seriously what goes into our body and what is on our plates. Probably that consciousness in youth food intake is why you always find a great restaurant in any college town today.       Light, wholesome, savory "Veggie Fun" is a new age Asian vegetarian fusion cuisine. Casual open space with a huge bar, beautiful dim lighting and overlooking the streets creates a nice ambiance.        We started our day with Veg Dumpling. Coming from the eastern part of India inclination for momo(dumplings) is evident, but it was one of a kind.

Basic classic Indian wardrobe essentials

An Assam silk sari with zardozi work clutch       When you build a classic wardrobe, you need to pay more attention to quality than quantity. A piece that you invest in, you should be able to assemble on it, mix and match and repeat on successfully many times.       I will list the item right below... 1.       A silk Sari-Sari is the soul of any Indian wardrobe. There are plenty of saris and fashion trends also changes quite often. If you don’t want to worry about the fast-changing fashion trends, it is the perfect reason for one to go for traditional saris. In this case, it is the silk sari. There are options like Assam silk, Kanchipuram, Paithani, and Panchapally to Ikkat and many more. A Chikankari sari 2.      Since you own a silk sari, you can either go for a Chiffon printed sari or Chikankari sari, Kantha work sari, Kashmiri embroidered, or one with Gujrati mirrored work is great too. 3.      You should own a silk/cotton salwar suit; probably it should be a so

Red Chutney, New Jersey review

When two cultures assimilate, the result is always brilliant, and when it comes to the assimilation of cuisine from two cultures, the effect is even more brilliant. Whether its Chinese-American, Latin-American or Mexican-Italian, but when Chinese meets Indian cuisine the food and flavor take it to another level. Yes, Indo-Chinese a very popular cuisine in India, seasonings, and flavors from both countries come under one roof. Born in Calcutta, Indo-Chinese seasons in Chinese way merged in Indian cooking techniques. If you ever taste it, you won’t forget it. After moving from India to the USA, I always look for Indo-Chinese cuisine. Some restaurant's menu does include a few entrees but not a whole lot of items. Recently, I was lucky enough to visit Red Chutney in New Jersey and fortunate enough to find the same flavor in the restaurant. Eclectic, oriental interior with urban feels, sophisticated modern lighting, Red Chutney naturally create a great ambiance. It was an incr

A cup of Assam Tea with Kunal Kaushik

    A dream that bloomed in bespoke of Brahmaputra . A dream that affiants to his root and heritage of the alluring waves of Assam to bring it to the forefront of the world stage. A dream that he wears in his sleeves showing the world magnificent handcrafted handlooms of Assam silk. That is the translation and reviving of renowned Designer Kunal Kaushik's muse. Luxe luxurious, glorious, yet little unknown to rest of the world Assam silk. Kunal Kaushik showcased his collection "Looms of Assam" in the prestigious Tiffany's fashion week Paris . He not only showcased it but is back with a bang by owning the best designer in Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris with all the rave reviews.     Kunal Kaushik's work is Rhapsody of colors of Assam which translates into modern and chic muse with charismatic cuts, fantastic frills, tassels, alluring fit and ornate in the intricate sustainable Assamese weaves - Eri, Muga and Pat silk. His latest collection for T