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Showing posts from 2021 assamese beautiful pre-wedding ceremony

  Indian weddings encompass many beautiful ceremonies or traditions. In Assamese culture, Jurun is a pre-wedding ceremony. It usually occurs a day or two before the wedding day, sometimes even on the same day of the wedding. A tradition where the groom’s family, especially women, visit the bride's family to present the wedding trousseau (Mekhela chadar), jewelry, some makeup, and accessories. In my belief, a tradition that welcomes the bride to her new family with gifts, love, and blessings.  On the day of Jurun, Aam Dali godha (A stringed mango leaf) is a tradition and is tied over the door. It is believed that it will take away all the bad energy and bring good luck to the newlywed. Usually, jurun happens in the morning or before noon. The goom does not accompany the group. Before going to the bride's home, the groom and his family get blessings from the people who gather for the jurun. Another tradition associated with Jurun is filling two small bell metal vases (called luta

Happy Stay home Diwali and the outfit

 How are you doing? This is Diwali weekend, as Diwali plunged on the weekdays' many people celebrated on the weekend. In India, every state celebrates it in many different ways. As Diwali is the festival of light, I always celebrate it more like a festival of positivity. It imbibes me with some sort of soulful satisfaction, just like lighting Diwali diya's (earthen lamps or candles) in a house filled with light and visibility.  Possibly, in the last two years, we wanted the world to return to normalcy and pray that darkness must end and light must fill our hearts and souls.  And here comes our low-key festival celebration just with my family. I prepared a few Indian sweets and made a festive lunch for my family, by the way, didn't count the calories but memories 😇. For the outfit , I chose a deep coffee brown chanderi saree with silver motifs and oink enamel work. I teamed the saree with a hot pink blouse, some pearls, pink lipstick, and dark brown eye makeup. I hope you

Must visit three places in Woodstock, Vermont

In Vermont , every place is engulfed in its unique beauty and charm. Last year, we visited Woodstock, and if you visit Woodstock, you must add these three places to your list, too. Quechee Gorge and Village - You can take a hot air balloon ride or walk on the bridge to witness this beauty. The deepest gorge in Vermont is 165 feet deep, located on Route 4. You can hike down for more wonderful views.  Just a few minutes away is the Quechee Village, with a lovely set of fruit vendors, maple syrup, candy, and antique shops in Alpaca. One quint place to visit for a bit of everything, and you can walk from one place to another easily, look for souvenirs and things, or just look around.  Driving around Taftsville Covered Bridge - No fall visit to Vermont is complete without visiting a covered bridge. Not just the visit, but if you drive around this beautiful red-colored historic covered bridge, you can see the quintessential raw beauty of Vermont at the onset of the robust fall colors, whic

Five things in Fall in Stowe, Vermont

I often love to escape from my mundane life to somewhere quaint, where I can let myself meld in nature and at the same time with the culture, the food, and This is what I often long for in my monotonous life. I have visited many places in Vermont but, Stowe was on my list for a long time. As the pandemic halted life for so many of us in several ways, I decided to visit Stowe in the fall.  Even though Stowe is popular with ski goers, but fall beauty of Stowe is unparalleled as if nature has created its own leisure time. Until I visited Sowe, I could not imagine how it felt like to be in Sowe, as if fall has sprinkled upon all its confetti of color in Stowe. A little yet charming town with opulent old architectural buildings in the backdrop of deep green mountains, lines like the hilly river, and beautiful churches popping up, it's simply mesmerizing.  Walk around the Stowe Village - One thing is to simply do nothing, but be smitten by the beauty of walking around or sit in a coffee

Three things to do fall in Guildford CT

The favorite month of the year, October is here and there are many things to be psyched up about.  In the southern part of Connecticut, Guilford is engulfed in green this coastal town is not just about historic homes but it offers many things.  Well connected with train lines, if you live in NYC, definitely a day trip is worth visiting this fall . Here are my 3 favorite things this fall : Visit the Strawberry Hallow Farm -  Just like out of the great Halloween movie scene, this quaint little farm is brimming with rustic beauty. You can't imagine 50 years back it was just barren land. With painstaking planning, the owner turned this place into a favorite spot for many. I especially loved visiting the ground with barn, Halloween decor, and a cute little wagon for the kids to carry pumpkin. And adding the well to the ground adds old-world charm. Varied pumpkins, squashes, and little crafts and decor. If not anything, do visit this farm for photos. Visit Bishop orchard for pumpkin car