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Where to eat in Tulum (Including Vegan and vegetarian)

If you follow my blog you must have already read my Tulum post. Besides its incredible attractions, food is one more reason I want to visit Tulum again and again. Here is my list of good food places in Tulum.

A few tips in a snippet, 

(aBring cash, many places in Tulum only accept cash. 

(b) Covid precautions are taken care of in most.

(c) Most Tulum dining spots know how to speak English and menus are usually available in both languages.

  1.  Ilios  - if you want to experience luxuriously allays of food, Illios will be your address with the perks of live music and a DJ. The jungle-themed atmosphere with dimmed lighting creates a one-of-a-kind experience with supremely attentive service. Arrey of good Greek food with distinctive and fresh flavor will quench delightfully your taste bud. 

  2. Raw Love Tulum - Near the beach in the open lush greenery just right after Ven a La Luz statue. Raw Love is an ultimate destination for vegan and vegetarian superfoods whether you like to have breakfast or brunch in Tulum. Tantalize your taste buds with vegan pizza or vegan burger or smoothie bowl, which you will truly love and worth the hype. They also have a 2nd location in the downtown center.

  3. Buritto Amor - Rekindle your romance with food or the ambiance where bougainvillea adorned your table or blooming tangerine on trees, food wrapped in banana leaves a unique experience of Mexican food with many juice and healthy smoothie options. This boho-chic restaurant in Tulum Pueblo must visit whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or carnivore. 

  4. Matcha Mama - This popular instaworthy cute little place with beautiful swings and artsy place serves the yummiest and most nutritious acai bowls and delicious smoothies to cold brew coffee all in a healthy option. 

  5. Mezzanine Tulum - With the breathtaking location with the sound of the sea waves crushing each other having spicy and delightfully delicious authentic Thai food with a global take is fun. Having dinner in the sunset is truly romantic. Luxury at its substantial.    

  6. El Bajon Vegan Tacos - Looks humble but the plethora of good flavorsome food will fit every budget. 

  7. La Hoja Verde - If you are looking for tasty vegan vegetarian food to juices, and smoothies this is your answer. But make sure you have cash as they only accept cash. 


  1. Thanks much dear friend.

  2. almost went to Tulum once, love all the suggestions for places to eat

  3. Thanks for the heads up on great places to eat in Tulum. With the new Hilton and the plans for the new Tulum airport, these restaurants are going to be doing a lot of business over the next few years.

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