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Visit to Summitwynd Farm lavender festival in Massachusetts


There is a charming thing about summer when you visit flower fields, especially lavender. Hot summer days slowly turn into a subtle and calm breeze of air when you see rows of lavender, it's a delightful feeling. This week we visited Summitwynd lavender farm in Massachusetts about 1 and 1/2 hours from my state CT and 30 miles from Boston, Massachusetts

There are 4,000 lavender plants and more than 20 varieties of lavender in a beautiful location in the backdrop of lush greenery of Wachusett mountain and the soft fragrance of lavender is a wonderful experience. You can visit the farm for a festival or anytime. With the live music and exhibitions with unique vendors, you can collect art pieces, pottery to dream catcher, and several opportunities to take photographs or just stroll in a summer afternoon with your family or friends. You can pick fresh lavenders too, and there is a cute gift shop you can buy lavender plants to soap to one-of-a-kind goodies to do with lavender. 

A few facts in a snippet 
1. Buy the ticket earlier and online prior to your visit as tickets are available online only
2. Weekends hours are different and less than weekday hours.
3. You can absolutely bring children too they will enjoy visiting


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