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Top five Assamese bihu food or festive food

If I see my everyday life it is nothing sort of an army battle, two kids, home and my blogging. Sometimes I feel 24 hours are not just enough. I am sure every parent feel that way. However, special occasion festivities brings a smile to our faces to cherish, festive food, fun with family and friends. If you follow my blog you know during this time back home we celebrate the biggest festival of Assam Bohag Bihu also the Assamese New Year. A festivity always brings great food to the table.

The top five must-have Assamese food in Bihu

  1. Pitha:  You just name it, it can be sweet, savory or salty and from dry to oily. Yes, pitha will cover every taste bud. By the way, pitha is like a small pancake sometimes stuffed sometimes without. Pitha comes in different shape long oval to flat, in fact, some shapes are inspired from Assamese instruments, unlike Assamese motifs. You can't think of Assamese festivity without eating pitha.

  2. Laru or Sweet Ball: Sometimes Sesame balls, sometimes coconut or sometimes just with sugar and rice powder. Here is the absolute fix for your sweet tooth.

  3. Masor Tanga or Assamese Sour fish curry: Once you taste it, you will almost forget every kind of fish curry you have ever tasted. Light, Healthy and Hearty.
  4. Jolpan: A cereal but with an Assamese twist. Always served with thick velvety yogurt and sweetened jaggery. A must-have in your festive list for sure.

  5. Luchi bhaji:  Assamese fried dough served with vegetables, it can potatoes to eggs, beans to eggplants. No matter how much I swear of not eating anything unhealthy but a sight of it can be empowering enough to break my rule. One and only decadent and sinful luchi bhaji.


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