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Five Assamese motifs or designs in Assamese weave

 Assamese weave is one of the most breathable and delicate fabrics in the world. It is very wearable and light to carry in any season. The most falcrom factor of the assamese weave is the designs and motifs that add more aura and beauty to it. Today I want to share a few assamese motifs and styles.
Naturally abundant Assam, Assamese motifs are also inspired by flowers, trees, birds, and animals.

1. Kinkhap - The most popular adorned motif in the assamese weave, very regal and resplendent. Traditionally Kinghap motifs weave in gold and silver thread but today you can get it in any thread. It is believed that this design arrived in Assam from the Ahom dynasty. The kinkhap designs consist of two lions facing each other with courage. As Ahom hailed from Thailand, this design got inspired by Thailand. Also, Kinkhap symbolizes the Ahom dynasty's brave, courage and royalty.
     There are many who also believe that the word Kinkhap came from China.

 2. Gos buta or tree motif - This is one of the most prevalent motifs in the Assamese weave. Two birds facing each other in one tree and the top part triangle.

3. Kolka or parsley - This is one of the most popular and contemporary design found is the assamese weave. In today's modern weaves you can see modified versions bigger in size. It can be found in any other Indian waves too.

4. Japi and Pepa - Assamese culture is hugely dominated by farming culture. A japi or the Assamese umbrella is typically worn by Assamese farmers. This japi or Assamese umbrella is adorned with Assamese weaves too.
Pepa is an assamese instrument plays during Bihu(New Year). You can see this design in the assamese weave too.

5. Mishing Design or motif - Mishing is one of the largest tribes in Assam. They are known for their opulent weaves. Mishing designs are Rhapsody of color in small motifs traditionally weaved in cotton fabric.


  1. Such an interesting piece...

  2. These are all beautiful designs. I love the history behind each Motif and the colors used. Thank you for sharing this information.


  3. Hand-woven fabric and hand-printed color patterns look good together.

    It is wonderful to know that this happens, predominantly, in India. Such handicrafts are well-recognized by the Indian people and are popular household articles in everyday life.

  4. Would love to know where the gacha/gosa earring photo is sourced from.

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  7. Hello. Nicely written. Can i share it on my fb page? From Renu's Weaves. Guwahati.


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