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Tamarind Tribeca NYC review

      Every time I visit NYC my expectation gets higher and higher whether people watching, exploring a new restaurant or new entertainment, the city amazed me with a new zeal and zest. Not a new restaurant in the city but for me exploring Tamarind Tribeca, NYC was a new experience. A fine Indian Dining, located in the most bustling location in the city with an understated yet elegant interior makes one of the best choices in the city when it comes to Indian fine dining.

      We opted for early dinner and entered around 5.30 pm and we were gladly greeted that made us instantly comfortable. As you might guess "Tamarind" has a huge influence in Indian culinary the tangy, sweet and flavorsome, we obviously expected the same character in the dishes too.
A great part of Tamarind is when it comes to cocktail menu you can choose anything you like and if you are sober they can omit the alcohol, this gives you more option to explore all the cocktails without compromising only because you are sober. While going through the cocktail, I stuck with the teekhi cocktail and let me tell you it was quite refreshing with the good kick of jalapeno and a bit of cucumber medley made it extra desirable.

    Now coming to the appetizer. I opted for Hara Kebab a spinach and potato patty stuffed with mild cream. The taste and flavor were perfect, but if you know Kabab you expect a crunchy outside and soft inside. Here the outside was not as firm as one expected.

Then my kids oped for malai kabab. The delicately cooked kabab with cream and Indian spice mix. A soft kabab was perfectly cooked and a hint of spices made it so delectable.

       My husband opted for Rajasthani lamb kabab. It was spicy and surely perfect for one who loves spicy and flavorful meat. Ah, it was succulent.

      We love the way our server knew the dishes not just by mouth by heart. His knowledge about food made us chose the right dishes.

      Now coming to the main course our server suggested us Tamarind signature dishes and we opted for Masaledar Chop - a spicy lamb chop coated with all flavorsome Indian spices. Perfectly coated spices infused a wonderful flavor.

      Then we opted for Bhagrey Baingan- Japanese eggplant coated and cooked with peanut and spicy sauce. A delectable eggplant with creamy peanut sauce just went great with Lemon Rice. We also opted for Tamarind chili chicken. We expected little more, unfortunately, the chili chicken tasted like chicken curry, not chili chicken.

      Tamarind portion sizes are great, price is a bit more expensive compared to any other fine Indian dining.  Its presentation will win your heart but I wish the chef showed innovation in the taste as much as the presentation.