Naumkeag, Massachusetts a photo essay and some wonderful ice cream in High Lawn Farm with a beautiful wild flower

With 20 Dollars entrance fee per adult, Naumkeag in Berkshire is the former country estate of affluent New York City lawyer Joseph Hodges Choate and Caroline Dutcher Sterling Choate. Entering itself gives the whole property an opulent vibe amidst greenery and rolling heels. Even though we visited a bit past the peak of tulip and daffodil season yet nothing took away the beauty and serenity of this property. With a beautiful garden, tastefully done landscaping, sculpture, and bubbles with a fountain, one-of-a-kind feature of the garden. If you visit the garden you should not miss the opportunity to visit the house which includes a beautiful lap of the luxurious interior, overlooking the lush green mountain view, high windows, a great bookshelf, and many more. Taking you through my photos.

Just 3 miles apart from Naumkeag we visited High Lawn Farm and had some certainly delicious Ice cream. My 9 years old was elated to see cows on the farm and we love how wildflowers carpeted this place. The farm also has a small shop where it sells
cheese and charcuterie board which we reserve for our next visit.


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