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Portland Maine - a wonderful visit

Visiting Maine is always a euphoric feeling. Maine encompasses dotted coastal towns, rugged shores, picturesque landscapes, and exotic food.  Whereas Portland, Maine itself is a world on its own. It embodies the prolific past, home of the renowned poet, and oh so beautiful lighthouses and alluring architecture. Portland is a mileage of history, creativity, art, culture, and wilderness.  Words and photos could hardly depict or ensure justice to its true beauty. Here is my vain attempt to capture Portland through my lens and my words. Here are the favorite things, I explored in Portland:

Portland Head Light House at Fort Williams Park - depends On your schedule entire day won't be enough to explore this beauty.  Most photographed lighthouse in the world, this lighthouse was once in Massachusetts and later became part of Maine when it was separated from Massachusetts. If possible visit in two different times, I did morning and evening. I so wanted to capture the lighthouse at sunset but fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn't capture it as it was raining. Instead, I discovered a drizzly and dreamy lighthouse in the backdrop of an eloquent sky and the pitter-patter sound of the ocean. Sunset may be surreal but rain makes it spectacular with rocky rugged coast, spectacular widespread water vistas of the ocean, and cherry on top with the vivid wildflowers. The Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington in 1791. In addition, visiting Children's Park, Goodard mansion and beach gives additional prospects to this park. Whether you want to take a leisure walk or hike or picnic with your family or enjoy eating from the food truck inside the park,  you have an option for all kinds of wonderful times.

Wordsworth Longfellow House and Garden - If you are visiting Portland do not miss this. Because of the Covid19 restriction, there was no guided tour but there is an app you can download and take the self-guided tour. I must mention, the staff in the house are really helpful and knowledgeable. We learned not just information but also some of the few unknown facts about Longfellow and his family. I loved the way it is kept as it was 200 years back,  childhood toys to small crochet pieces of Longfellow's sister and the desk where Longfellow wrote his poem, The Rainy day". And the quaint garden with the well and blooming flowers added charm to this place. 

The Commercial street and the old Port -  Your Portland trip is incomplete without taking a walk on the cobblestone alleys of the commercial street. Almost frozen in time, wander around to get a glimpse of the bygone era through brick color, rustic and quaint buildings, waterfront with the bustling crowd and try food and experience the delightful shopping experience of handmade goodies to pottery, art gallery, sophisticated boutiques to many more in today's modern set up.

Hello to Holy Donut - In the booming food scene and lobster rolls of Portland, Holy Donut is brimming tall and scrumptious. It's not just your regular donut but made out of Maine grew dainty potatoes and wheat flour, claim to have all-natural ingredients with a handful of unique flavors pomegranate, coconut to Margherita to bacon, you just name it. It is worth the wait. Holy donut lives up to all its hype!


  1. Really enjoyed this post, with all the lovely pictures and so informative too.

  2. Very nice! I'd love to visit there someday! :)

  3. Beautiful photos! It's been a while since I visited Maine, and this post has me itching to go back!

  4. What a beautiful place! I love light houses and think it would be fun to visit there!

  5. I've been to this lighthouse in Portland. It's truly gorgeous and I second the recommendation to visit. Lovely vintage looking photos!


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